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Science Hub is an initiative to develop interest in science and nature for kids and adults alike, where every experience is an opportunity to learn something new... We will conduct activities like shows, demonstrations, exhibitions and many more... We will also announce any Science related public events that are conducted by others that are happening around in the city... Everyone is invited to be a part of of this Hub... Help us spread the gift of knowledge around... Your valuable suggestions are always invited...

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Paleolithic Picassos by Chai and Why?

The Alexandra Girls' English Institution

Hosted by: TIFR's Chai and Why? Way before people started recording history using the written word, mankind sought to document its experiences in vivid images and stunning symbols, dating back to about 64,000 years. Luckily, some of these marvellous depictions of animals, hunting rituals and sky charts have survived the tides of time and are still found inside remote caves even today! Join us as we travel to an ancient world and discover the first calendars, the advent of written language and the very beginnings of art! Speaker: Atreyee Sinha, APC/CNRS, Paris

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MathsJam (Khar)

Doolally Taproom Khar

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