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Future Day Melbourne - Sat March 1st

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Unitarian Hall - East Melbourne

110 Grey Street, · East Melbourne

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Car Parking at rear, on street. Near the Fitzroy Gardens.

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This will be a free event (donations to help support venue & food costs appreciated)

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Great lineup of Speakers: Colin Kline, James Fodor, Andrew Dun, Matt Fisher, Patrick Robotham and many more covering topics from Technological Progress, Strategic Forecasting - how to make better forecasts about the future, What is there to value in the future?, Remembering the Future - science fiction/fantasy fetishes and the real world, what can the history tell us about the future?

Also room for group discussion on topics of interest and lightning talks organised on the day!

"The past is over; the present is fleeting; we live in the future. The future is important! " - Ray Kurzweil
Most of our lives will be in the future - but what kind of future can we expect? What excites you about the Future? What frightens you? What can we do to create a better future?

Holidays provide a fantastic way of channeling peoples’ attention and energy. Most of our holidays are focused on past events or individuals, or on the rhythms of nature. History and nature are wonderful and should be honored — but the amazing future we are building together should be honored as well. Future Day is a way of focusing and celebrating the energy that more and more people around the world are directing toward creating a radically better future.

"The human animal evolved to survive and flourish in a world that didn’t change very much or very rapidly. But thanks to our own wonderful intellectual and cultural advancement, we find ourselves instead in a world of accelerating change. To deal with this situation effectively, we need to re-focus our minds, individually and collectively, on the future rather than the past. We need to embrace the wild uncertainty and promise of the future with both rationality and imagination. And we need to do it now! Future Day is one step — maybe an important one — in the process of humanity reorienting itself toward accelerating change and future-awareness. After all, we already have a heck of a lot of holidays focusing on the past — it’s about time for one that focuses on the future!!" — Ben Goertzel

"Humanity is on the edge of understanding that our future will be astoundingly different from the world we’ve lived in these last several generations. Accelerating technological change is all around us, and transformative solutions are near at hand for all our problems, if only we have the courage to see them. Future Day helps us to foresee our personal potentials, and acknowledge that we have the power to pull together and push our global system to a whole new level of collective intelligence, resiliency, diversity, creativity, and adventure. Want to help build a more foresighted culture? Don’t wait for permission, start celebrating it now!" — John Smart, Founder of Acceleration Watch