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Artificial Intelligence / Human Possibilities

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Assessing emerging risks and opportunities in machine cognition

With AI Experts Ben Goertzel, Marcus Hutter, Peter Cheeseman and Joscha Bach.

Event Focus:
Given significant developments in Artificial Intelligence, it's worth asking: What aspects of ideal AI have not been achieved yet?
There is good ( reason for the growing media storm around AI - many experts agree ( on the big picture that with the development of Superintelligent AI ( (including Artificial General Intelligence ( humanity will face great challenges (some polls suggest ( that AGI is not far). Though in order to best manage both the opportunities and risks we need to achieve a clearer picture - this requires sensitivity to ambiguity, precision of expression and attention to theoretical detail in understanding the implications of AI, communicating/discussing AI, and ultimately engineering beneficial AI.

6.15 - Doors Open - meet, greet and network
6.55 - Introduction
7.00 - Ben Goertzel ( - 'AGI Will Obsolete Human Life As We Know It -- Thank Goodness ('
7.25 - Peter Cheeseman ( - Implications of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) (
7.50 - Joscha Bach ( - Strong AI: Why we should be concerned about something nobody knows how to build (
8.15 - Break
8.20 - Marcus Hutter ( - 'The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity ('
8.45 - Panel (Goertzel, Cheeseman, Hutter, Bach)

(Synopsis are found here (

Venue: IBIS Hotel in Melbourne - 15 – 21 Therry Street, Melbourne ( (in the conference room)

This event is free!


• What are some highlights in recent progress (i.e. deep reinforcement learning etc)

• Overlooked & underpopulated high impact areas of AI

• Thinking outside the box - critical thinking regarding AI and its possible impacts - highlighting obscured assumptions/hidden premises etc

• Superintelligence: Science or scifi? What can we do to 'either increase the likelihood of' or 'ensure' beneficial artificial intelligence?

Brought to you by the good people at the Australian Skeptics Victorian Branch (, Science, Technology & the Future ( and the AGI Society.

Also consider attending AGI17 at IBIS Melbourne ( (15-18th Aug).

Watch interviews with Joscha Bach (, Ben Goertzel ( Marcus Hutter (

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