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Future Day 2019 - Melbourne - BOOKED OUT

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Future Day 2019 - Melbourne - BOOKED OUT


Future Day is BOOKED OUT - it will be a tight fit. Please eat / drink beforehand as there is no food supplied in the venue.
The event will be sporting a spectacular line of speakers ranging from Futurology, Philosophy, Biomedical Animation & Psychology!

5.30 Doors open – meet and greet other attendees
5.45 Introduction
6.00 Drew Berry – “The molecular machines that create your flesh and blood”
6.45 Brock Bastian – “Happiness, culture, mental illness, and the future self”
7.30 Lynette Plenderleith – “The future of biodiversity starts now”
8.15 Panel: Drew Berry, Brock Bastian, Lynette Plenderleith

- Drew Berry - Biomedical Animator @ The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research -
- Brock Bastian - Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences
University of Melbourne -

Venue: KPMG Melbourne - 727 Colllins St - Collins Square - Tower 2 - Level 36 Room 2

Limited seating to about 40, though if there is overflow, there will be standing room.

PLEASE have a snack/drink before you come. Apparently we can't supply food/drink at KPMG, so eat something beforehand - or work up and appetite...
Afterwards we will sojourn at a local pub for some grub and ale.

I'm looking forward to seeing people I have met before, and some new faces as well.

Future Day FB:

For more details, including abstracts, see the
KPMG Australia
727 Collins St · Docklands, VI
How to find us

Goto KPMG (Tower 2) - then up to level 36 - then to room 2!

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