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🔰Who are we?
This is a community of calm, curious, and creative people in Pittsburgh who get together to discuss scientific topics and theories, in the form of Science Walks.

We are passionate about learning, thinking, and walking in the parks 🌳around Pittsburgh. And we love to step out of our careers and be fascinated by the nature of life and its building blocks.

🔰Why did we create this group?
We sensed a need for having more scientific conversations outside of our tech jobs. We created this group so we can hang out with like-minded people who share the same passion for studying nature 🔬life 🌱and our origins 🔭.

Most of our friends are afraid of science. The word “science” makes people anxious and they think of it as something a scientist does for living 😳! That understanding (we hope) is going to change. Our goal is to enjoy being in nature while exploring and learning about life 🌎and the universe 🌌.

🔰Who should join?
Join us if you think walking in parks and talking science go well together. Or if you think “Parks and Science” should be a 📺show.

🔰How do we do it?
Each walk has its own theme around a question the community wants to discuss that day, such as “how did the earth form?” or “how does the brain work?”

There are three parts in each Science Walk:
- Say hi 👋socialize and get to know other thinkers in town
- Discuss the main topic 🤓share what you’ve learned about it, and get ready to be creative and dive deeper
- Reflect on what we have discussed 🤩and wrap up

Feel free to reach out to us (Sam & Zee) if you have any questions.

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