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"Citizens have a major role to play in addressing the challenges to a sustainable future. It is by 'doing science together' that we combine our resources and expertise to raise awareness, build capacity, and innovative lasting solutions grounded in society." - togetherscience.eu

Our goal is to facilitate DIY science and exploration as a scientific practice in which ordinary citizens have ownership over problem definition, data and knowledge. Together we build collective expertise to use and develop tools and methods to investigate issues of interest and concern to us.

"Science has no Borders" is a London-based group committed to highlighting the power of ordinary people’s capacity to act as civic agents. It is about co-creating purposeful experiences that enrich our understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and our relationship(s) to it. It is about honing our critical thinking and co-creating new ways of knowing, seeing and doing.

We do this by:
- Organsing Science Pub Nights and Science Cafes. Together we select scientists and practitioners (e.g. policy-makers, lawyers, technicians) and all meet in a relaxed environment to discuss topics of a scientific nature. We will demystify, crack open and understand better a science issue that interests us;
- Organsing film nights, where we get together and watch a film / documentary followed by a discussion with a guest expert surrounding themes of the film;
- Organising hands-on workshops to explore our environment (e.g. sustainability and biodesign) through our own senses and through DIY tools, going on to build collective knowledge and skills;
- Opening a space for people to organise their own events to explore or experiment, or connect with others interested in DIY, grassroots science, and beyond!

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Using visual language to tackle complexity

Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, University College London

Turing’s code-breaking & computation by natural systems

Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, University College London

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