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We are the Reading Branch of the British Science Association ( http://www.scienceinreading.org ), a registered charity that exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering in the UK. Our branch is based in Reading, where we organise science outreach events in Reading and Basingstoke.

This group is sponsored by Thames Valley IVC ( http://www.meetup.com/Thames-Valley-IVC ). A friendly multi-activity club for graduates, professionals, and like minded people.

Upcoming events (5+)

Pint of Science: The Power of Lasers

The Outlook

Second night of Pint of Science "Atoms to Galaxies" theme. Did you want to find out how lasers can be used to test jet engines, treat cancer and make miniature stars? Then come along and find out about these uses and other exciting applications from two experts in the field of Laser Physics. This event takes place in the downstairs function room. Please contact in advance to arrange step-free access. Under-18s must be accompanied by an adult. TICKETS £4. BOOK IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT- https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/the-power-of-lasers

Pint of Science: Brain Cells & Worms v. Dementia & Parkinson's!

Second night of Pint of Science "Beautiful Mind" theme. How brain cells are lost in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s is a real puzzle, being tackled by many scientists in lots of different ways. In these talks, Selina will explain how we can better understand dementia, through growing brains cells in the lab, while Rachael will talk about what we can learn about brain cell loss in Parkinson’s, from genetically engineered, microscopic worms. Suitable for all audiences- no science knowledge needed. Please note this event takes place on the first floor and currently has no step-free access. Over 18s only. TICKETS £4. BOOK IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT- https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/brain-cells--worms-v-dementia--parkinsons

Pint of Science: The Heroes and Villains in our Veins

The Three Guineas

Second night of Pint of Science "Our Body" theme. What are the components that flow through our vessels? What causes the risk of cardiovascular disease? Why is snake venom so dangerous when it gets into our blood? Our speakers will look at some of these questions, talking about this complex system and how it comes under attack from ‘villains’. We will see how all the components work together to save the day. This event takes place in a self-contained cellar bar, with no step-free access. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at all times. TICKETS £4. BOOK IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT- https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/the-heroes-and-villains-in-our-veins

Pint of Science: Our Shared Planet

Smokin' Billy’s

Second night of Pint of Science "Planet Earth" theme. Nothing survives in isolation. Every single species is utterly dependent on a complex and vast web of interactions, and we are no exception. We are just one of the many millions of species that live on this planet and through this evening’s talks find out how we need the natural world just as much, if not more than the natural world needs us and what happens when we come into conflict with it. This event takes place on the ground floor and is fully accessible. Over 16s welcome. The Kitchen will be serving food from 6.30pm TICKETS £4. BOOK IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT- https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/our-shared-planet

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