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Have you laughed at geeky humor (Monty Python!) and also been thankful for the scientific discoveries of Pasteur and Newton? This club can be described briefly as a geeky coed group that appreciates the outdoors together (bonus points if you read to the end).

What do we have for you? Firstly we have hikes, orienteering, and bike rides. Secondly, we have some knowledgable scientists, engineers, and other technologists to chat with. Sure, they naturally chat a bit about technical topics such as COVID19, 5G, the composition of popular molecules, medicine etc. Last but not least, the club has some knowledgeable technology users that have worked with scientists/engineers before, including physicians and people from environmental fields. Plus, this makes the club a bit less geeky. By the way, we are happy to have a mix of married and single individuals, and the mix works because everyone is there for good company on treks.

To enable good exercise during events, members should be comfortable with moderate to advanced hikes of 5-10 miles. The club is geographically centered in Columbia, Maryland, and members are also drawn from the neighboring cities of Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis, and Rockville. Members enjoy local hikes, like in Patapsco Valley State Park and more distant ones, such as those on the AT. The targeted age range is 35-60, but we also welcome fit seniors who have experiences to share in science. Local hikes take place multiple times monthly on Saturday or Sunday mornings. The club enjoys some orienteering and bike rides when it is warm. Stretch goals for the club include canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and alpine or nordic skiing.

The golden rule of this volunteer-run club is to contribute in your unique way. We hope you will apply and improve the club. The club needs some fun ideas and people that might be able to lead a trip, even if it is just a backup if the organizer can't make one. Members must have their face in their profile (even though their pet is cute), have some interest in technology, and attend at least one event annually (this club is for active members only).

COVID19 status: We are meeting now in small groups for hikes and more. Of course in this club we recognize the importance of masks and social distancing to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Please note that some members are in critical jobs such that they wear masks outdoors, and thus everyone should bring a mask and ask the group leader about wearing it at the start of the hike/event. Let's have safe fun and be considerate to individuals that request masks be worn around them.

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