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Aberdeen Data Meetup Oct 2018

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40 people went

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6.30 for pizza and beers.

7pm “The need for Awesome Data Quality” - Jan Saevanee

Do you hate inconsistent excel worksheets? Have you heard the saying rubbish in rubbish out? We want to share our story on these issues and search for a solution with you.

Due to unclear requirements, unformatted and inconsistent data structure the Business Intelligence team had a setback while creating data visualization reports. The team spent a lot of time in the ETL process. Which meant that we created less valuable reports. The value was lost because we did not understand the vision and the story behind the need for such visualizations. Our proposal is to create a data pipeline and qualification process.”

Jan is part of Business Intelligence team at Aberdeen City Council. The BI team is responsible for creating data visualisation to help decision makers make a better decisions based on evidence. Jan will present the topic alongside Real and Maksim, internship students from university of Aberdeen.


Talk 2 - Dr. Caroline Chibelushi
AI and the innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Caroline will speak about:

- KTN and its support to business
- Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Industry Showcase 2019 (see
- RAI Pichfest
- To ask the audience if they could come forward to be recorded for a case study.
- Sectors which from our experience have high demand for AI.

Thanks to MBN Solutions, Data Lab Scotland, and Scotland IS for sponsoring this event.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash