Aberdeen Oct 2019 Data Meetup

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October's data meet-up (details coming soon)

Pizza, beer and networking 6.30pm

Talk 1 Greg Fousas - "Make any company an AI company!"

AI and Machine Learning have become must-haves for almost all industries and companies. H2O.ai's goal is to help companies all over the world to use Machine Learning. H2O.ai's toolset starts from full opensource packages in R, Python and Spark and extends to a fully automated platform for building predictive models, the Driverless AI!

Greg is a data scientist with work experience that spans more than 20 projects, 15 brands, 5 industries and 5 countries and still counting! He studied Production Engineering and Management, he has a MSc in Operational Research from the University of Edinburgh and studied a bit of Cognitive Science. Recently he completed a self driving car nanodegree. Greg also runs an amateur online Python course entitled “your 10 minutes of Python per day” and is happy to be able to call Scotland home.

Talk 2 (19:45) - details coming soon

Thanks to MBN Solutions, Data Lab Scotland and Scotland IS for sponsoring this event.

Photo by Milin John on Unsplash