Aberdeen Nov 2019 Data Meetup

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November's data meet-up.

Pizza, beer and networking 6.30pm

Talk 1 (19:00) - Jens Rasmussen - "Fish and Chips: The data journey of fish from the ocean to our plates."

Talk 2 (19:45) - tbc

Talk 1 - Jens Rasmussen.
Jens works as data manager in Marine Scotland – a government directorate tasked with looking after Scottish Seas. Arriving in Scotland 20 years ago, he initially worked as a research scientist in marine ecology. 10 years ago, he formally took on the job as data manager, and have since worked on opening up data and information about the Scottish Seas, improving the way in which data are stored, organised and published. He also collaborates with colleagues across the UK and Internationally through membership of various executive, advisory and expert groups on marine data management. But he also still dives into code, ancient paper records, and the occasional trip out to sea to collect more data.

Talk Description: Have you ever tried to calculate the number of earth worms in your back garden using only a tea spoon? The task is not too dissimilar from what scientist need to do to quantify the number of fish we can catch to put on our plates, while ensuring there are enough fish to catch in following years. There is a long process of capturing data on fisheries activates, and fish stock abundances in Scottish waters and beyond. The base for much of this activity is at the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen. This talk will take you through examples of technology used and data collected, to be able to provide scientific advice about the amount of fish we can catch while keeping Scottish Seas sustainable.

Talk 2 - tbc

Thanks to MBN Solutions, Data Lab Scotland and Scotland IS for sponsoring this event.

Photo by Sime Basioli on Unsplash