Expert Data Panel @ DIGITExpo - EICC | EDINBURGH | 7 NOVEMBER


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Expert Panel Discussion on the challenges facing Data-led organisations and Practitioners in an age where ethics and privacy concerns must be balanced against the increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies available for Insight.

Panelist 1 - Jedidiah Francis - CEO Labs -

Founder and CEO of (pronounced Jedi), a Startup Studio. Previously founded and led the Machine Learning team at designing and building personalisation products.

He works at the intersection of business strategy, product design, machine learning and AI. 10+ years of experience in research, leading technical teams and building scalable machine learning software.

Panelist 2 - Barry Lane - Head of Product Strategy
Peak -

Barry is responsible for shaping the product strategy at Manchester-based Peak, a fast growing company offering a pioneering AI System. He was previously Head of Technical Sales during the on-boarding of several key customers including ASOS and FootAsylum.

Before Peak, Barry spent 14 years at Edinburgh-based energy research firm Wood Mackenzie during a period of incredible growth. Joining as a data analyst and ending up Global Head of Customer Analytics, via several years working in product development.

In a meandering career that started off technical but has moved increasingly commercial, the only constant has been a focus on data and how to generate value from it.

Panelist - 3 Samantha Rhynas - Head of Data at Effini

Sam is Head of Data at Effini, an Edinburgh based company specialising in working with clients to integrate Data Science & AI into their business process, showing them how it can enable innovation & improvement and helping them see past the jargon and understand the real world benefits & possibilities.

With over 20 years of experience of DevOps, Quality Assurance, Service Design & Delivery and Data Analysis in the context of analytical software, real-time data feeds and high-performance data systems, Sam is passionate about bringing practical, effective data solutions to businesses in a broad range of sectors.

Sam is one third of the Girl Geek Scotland leadership team, a community of women working in tech, delivering workshops & meaningful networking events to support other women, working with business to enable their diversity strategies and mentoring those earlier in their career. She also co-organises the Edinburgh chapter of PyData, a global community for developers and users of open source data tools, including Python and R.

Panelist 4 - TBC