• Machine Learning for traditional FS - How to compete with FinTechs

    Machine Learning for traditional FS - How to compete with FinTechs

    Presenter - Martin Thorn - Head of Data Science : Standard Life Aberdeen

    This event is part of the 'Scotland Fintech Festival'

  • AI for Product Design

    Online event

    AI for Product Design

    In a hyper-competitive market, using data to design games and target player behaviours can significantly improve game launches, performance, and success rates.

    Learn how this concept connects companies as disparate as Spotify, Nike, Netflix and Mercedes F1.

    Chris’ Bio (Presenter)

    Chris Conroy - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisconroydata
    Chief Data Officer

    I've been leading the charge on data science within gaming for years, and I joined Future Anthem to deliver machine learning to the industry at a truly vast scale. Building teams is my passion, and I'm obsessive about enabling them to drive us forward, with cutting edge tech at their disposal. My anthems are techno, football and beer, mixed with a sample of poker.

    Future Anthem builds AI solutions that enable the gambling industry to quickly optimise their game portfolios, increase player engagement responsibly and drive actions in real-time. We call this Game Data Science. We are Future Anthem.

    Josh Smith, Client Acquisition Lead at MBN Solutions will be chairing the event - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshsmithmbn

    Join us for an excellent presentation followed by a Q&A session.

    12:00 on the 23rd August

  • sust-AI-nable

    Online event

    Talk title: sust-AI-nable
    Talk subtitle: Sustainability in AI

    Have you ever considered the difference between Sustainability in AI versus AI for Sustainability? I believe we all know what AI for Sustainability is – utilising data science to support with environmental sustainability initiatives. But have you ever thought about the environmental impact of running code or training algorithms? What impact does the industry of data science have on the environment and how can we improve it? Come join this talk to learn more about how you can be more sustainable in your data science practice through doing AI that matters.

    Presenter - Marta Portugal

    Marta is the Director of Data Science at Forth Point, a data science and data engineering start-up with a focus of delivering on the promise of Industry 4.0. Across her 10-year long career in data, Marta specialised in the commercial applications of data science and worked on several industry-leading projects that operationalised AI and computer vision to drive tangible business change and value. She is a cat-loving, problem-solving person who had never stopped to wonder what the environmental impact of her job was (until now!).

    Robin Huggins, Client Services Director at MBN Solutions will be chairing the event - https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinhuggins

    Join us for an excellent presentation followed by a Q&A sess

  • Exploring The Future of Talent

    Online event

    In Exploring The Future of Talent, business leaders from the technology and data industries will be discussing the changing shape of their industries.

    Alongside taking questions from the audience, the panel will be discussing their areas of the whitepaper in-depth, including how to attract and retain top talent, how to navigate Brexit. leading businesses with purpose and creating diverse and inclusive teams.

    Join us for an afternoon of debate, discussion and insights into how data and technology companies can capitalise on new ways of working and an more mobile workforce.

    The panelists are:

    Samantha Bedford, Chair, Scotland Women in Technology - https://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthabedford

    Rob Huggins, Client Services Director, MBN Solutions.

    Paul Forrest, Non-Executive Director, MBN Solutions.

    Gillian Docherty OBE, CEO, The Data Lab - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gillian-docherty

    The panel will be chaired by LGBTQ+ advocate and MBN Marketing Manager, Seb Mackay - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastianmackay

    Download The Future of Talent whitepaper for free here: https://info.mbnsolutions.com/the-future-of-talent

    Jul 28,[masked]:00 PM in London

  • Pride in the Technology and Data Industries

    Online event

    Pride in the Technology and Data Industries

    At this panel discussion, looking at Pride in the technology and data industries, hosted by MBN Marketing Manager and co-author of The Future of Talent whitepaper, Seb Mackay we're looking at Pride in the technology and data industries, where progress needs to be made and how far we've come.

    Seb is joined by Rich Wilson (Gartner) and Frida de Sigla (who works in Artificial Intelligence).

  • How to showcase your skills and get ahead of the competition.

    How to showcase your skills and get ahead of the competition.

    The competition for Data Science & Analytics jobs is intense - but so many applicants aren't showcasing themselves in a way that gets the attention of recruiters & hiring managers. Whether it's your Resume, your portfolio of projects, or how you prepare for, and answer questions in interviews - let me show you some really simple but highly effective changes you can make to get ahead of the competition.


    Andrew Jones - Founder & Director at analytics-link

    Andrew has spent 14+ years in Data Science & Analytics at companies including Amazon & more recently Sony PlayStation where I developed and prototyped Machine Learning based features for the PlayStation 5, several of which have been patented by Sony. During his career, he has interviewed & screened hundreds of Data Science candidates, and through this process he has learned what can differentiate a stand out & successful candidate from the rest.

    He is the author of "The Essential A.I. & Data Science Handbook For Recruitment" and is currently the founder and lead instructor at DATA SCIENCE INFINITY - a leading online Data Science learning programme focused on getting students the results they want!

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Tech and Data

    Online event

    Join MBN's Bethany Rodgers-Rintoul as she hosts a panel discussion on diversity in STEM and why having a diverse workforce matters.

    Bethany will be joined by Amber Lawther (BI and Analytics, NHS NSS), Duncan Hart (CEO, Deepminer) and Fash Fasoro (Data Governance, HomePointr, and Programme Director at The DataKirk) in talking about why diversity is fundamental to the growth and development of any organisation and how to create an inclusive environment that recognises, appreciates and embraces everyone.

    We will discuss all types of diversity- gender diversity, sexual orientation and able-bodied-ness are just a few of the important aspects that need to be included in the conversation.

    Diversity refers to difference and difference is what makes us all unique and should be a celebrated attribute.

    Register today.

  • 3 Hacks to Accelerate your Data Science Career

    Online event

    Presenter - Alexey Grigorev - Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group

    3 Hacks to Accelerate your Data Science Career

    Alexey lives in Berlin his wife and son. He works as a lead data scientist at OLX and he runs DataTalks.Club — a community for data enthusiasts.

    Alexey wrote a few books about machine learning. One of them is Machine Learning Bookcamp — a book for software engineers who want to get into machine learning.

    Robin Huggins, Client Services Director at MBN Solutions will be chairing the event - https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinhuggins

    Join us for an excellent presentation followed by a Q&A sess

  • Starting a career in Data Science- Advice from industry experts

    Starting a career in Data Science- Advice from industry experts.

    Data is the future and Scotland is at the forefront. We have an open and welcoming data community and some of the most innovative organizations in the world call Scotland home.

    Scotland's industry and community are underpinned by a considerable number of universities, colleges, and specialist courses that are dedicated to upskilling our population in the most relevant and cutting-edge data skills.

    Scotland is a great place to start your career in Data Science, but as always, there is no single right path - everyone has their own story - and at this event, we will hear from 2 individuals who have taken different directions to be recognized as influencers in Data Science.

    Barry Smart – Consultant at Endjin

    Delphine Rabiller – Data Scientist at Mallzee

    Hosted by Project Manager at MBN Academy, Bethany Rodgers-Rintoul


    12-12:10 - Introduction to the session
    12:10 - 12.25- Barry Smart of Endjin discussing his career
    12:25 -12:40- Delphine Rabiller of Mallzee discussing her career
    12:40 - 12:50- Bethany at MBN Academy discussing the importance of social media and networking
    12:50 -1:20- Panel discussion
    1:20 - 1:30- Closing of event.