SAM - Angular developer's market situation and CLI Builders


Program for next meetup is here. We are going to try a different location at Lochrin Square hosted by McGregor Boyall Associates Ltd. Also one of the presentation will be market related. So if you ever wondered about the options Angular developer has, this is the meetup session you should attend and learn some market stats. Also Nikos will tell us more about what CLI builders are currently available and how to create our own builder. So get ready for brand new SAM session!

30 min: Meet and greet session (drinks and snacks)
30 min: Presentation: situation of Angular developers from head hunter point of view and how to improve your position on the market.
30 min: Angular CLI Builders and lightning talks. Demystifying a recently added feature introduced in Angular 8.
30 min (or more): Socializing / Brainstorming. CV structure discussion :-)

Disclaimer: all the time estimates are quite rough and will be altered by discussions a lot.