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What we’re about

Blockchain is a hot topic, fast gaining column inches as an enabler of business and consumer transformation alike.  Scottish Blockchain Meetup is open to everyone involved in the tech / business communities and those that aren’t.  Experts, amateurs, miners, critics, whoever.  If you are interested, you’re welcome.
We're an inclusive bunch - come along and find out what's going on in the Scottish scene from those that are at the heart of the activity.

Overall goals:
* To foster a creative and constructive dialogue
* The empower a new generation of dApp (decentralized app) developers
* To equip participant with skills needed to blockchainify Scotland
* To encourage a diversity of opinions and independent thought

Some topics we want to cover:
* The philosophy of web3
* Trustless applications
* DeFi technology
* dApps and how to build them
* The variety of blockchains, their philosophies and engineering dimensions
* DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)
* Corporate blockchain applications
* Identity on the blockchain
* Blockchain gaming
* NFTs: innovative applications, technology, social and economic implications
* Blockchain for social good: how to re-engineer society and build a better world
* The economics and business models of Blockchain applications
* Blockchain government applications
* What do blockchain investors want and expect as a return?

Get in touch if you want to be a speaker, sponsor or event host.

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