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Bitcoin is a Black Swan

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Bitcoin is a Black Swan

When:[masked], 6pm

Host - Daniel Schnurr

Where: Napier University, Merchiston Campus, Lecture Theatre A17
The event is organized by the Blockchain & FinTech Society and free.

The probability that Bitcoin evolve as a Black Swan is non zero! This speakerevent will show you why.

Description of event:

What have the breakdown of the Sovietunion, the invention of penicillin and the spread of the internet in common? All of them are Black Swans, events which had a large impact but only a few have predicted them beforehand. This event aims to show that Bitcoin might also be a Black Swan.

The aim of this event is that people understand how Bitcoin fundamentally works and why it can be really successful. There will be a presentation about Bitcoin, afterwards you can ask all the questions which you ever had about Bitcoin in a Q&A session. After the Q&A session there will be some time for networking.

Bitcoin is a multidisciplinary invention, so the presentation will cover history of money, game theory, the core technologies of Bitcoin and monetary theory. Widespread myths about Bitcoin for example that Bitcoin mining is a waste of energy will be analyzed and unveiled. It will also be explained why Bitcoin probably will be more successful than all the altcoins.

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18 00 Arriving
18 15 Presentation Bitcoin is a Black Swan
18 40 Question and Answers
19 00 Networking