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May Milk Bar Meetup - Disrupting Professional Services - Human vs Machine

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Disrupting Professional Services – Human vs Machine

In the latest round of the Milk Bar, we are looking at the world of professional services. Those services like accountancy, legal and even medicine, we as businesses and individuals rely on for some of our most basic transactions and some of our most complex needs in life. With the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, will this service based, people based industry face challenge, or opportunity? We’re looking to those in the industry already, disrupting their fields with a mix of the human and the machine, and ultimately want to ask you, the customer, what do you need and how can that be delivered?

First up: Matthew Higgs, a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Data Scientist

Matthew is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Data Scientist based at Glasgow University and working to bridge Computational Statistics and Machine Learning with Social, Ubiquitous and Mobile technology.

Here is what he is going to talk about:

Building on ideas from recent industry reports, I describe a method for identifying opportunities in artificial intelligence verticals. I will explain how services can be positioned according to the complexity of the work involved and the complexity of the data necessary to deliver the service, and I will discuss how the position of a service relates to its potential for disruption by artificial intelligence. I critique the method, discuss applications to healthcare and banking, and expand on the societal implications.

We have our second speaker and our panel confirmed!

Emma Reid and Cathy Donald of Ergo Law discussing the more human element of developing a legal practice.
"When we established Ergo Law it was important to us to stand out from the crowd. We seek to do this by appealing to clients in a manner which is approachable, personal and very human. We think this makes our tone of voice quite different from many of the larger traditional law firms.
We are in a privileged position to gain insight into the changing world of work in many industries- we hear how different careers are affected by technology from our clients’ point of view as well as watching how employment law evolves to keep pace. The evolution of the world of work is intrinsically linked with the type of advice we give but it also touches upon the profession in which we operate. We look forward to discussing man vs machine in professional services and explaining our firm’s approach to legal advice in what can be a very traditional industry."