What we're about


This group will be of interest to those that seek to change financial services. People have varied experience and skills however the common link will be to support Fintech related projects or work. Expect to discover just how varied the world of Fintech can be!

Beyond novel software applications people with knowledge of financial services, technology, intrapreneurs and those able to share knowledge that supports change in financial sector organisations and processes should also attend.

Please do join our events if you are interested or already involved in Fintech projects or run a Fintech company. Your perspectives, projects and challenges you face are central to the discussion of this group.

What you can expect

The format for the event will develop with contributions from the group itself and will follow:

• Welcome: Quick introduction to welcome people to the meeting. If there's more to do in a meeting and where appropriate we'll share an agenda in advance of the meeting.

• Speakers: when we have speakers, they will be able to share specific and relevant information. We'll develop this part of the format as our audience grows and we clearly identify the need of the group.

• Engagement: the focus of our format. If we have speakers then they will only set the scene for our discussion and we will quickly move to engage the audience in the subjects being discussed. Collecting and sharing feedback is important amongst the group.

• Facilitated networking: Discussion with others will be relaxed and we'll provide facilitated networking for larger numbers of people so you won't be left hanging in the corner nursing your drink!

• Some of our meetings will enable contribution to specific tasks, so you'll be learning and helping others by sharing your experience, knowledge or connections.


By understanding more about current finance and technology opportunities or Fintech businesses, we hope to support successful outcomes for people and organisations involved in changing financial services products, practices and processes.

Our events will allow you to share information about your interest in Fintech topics with those you meet. Some formats we run will allow a group to provide feedback and contribute to problem solving for a specific Fintech opportunity or project.

You will never need to share information you do not wish to. You will not be made to 'pitch'. It's appropriate that you attend and see how the event is run before contributing if you are more comfortable and in this case you'll meet some good people and enjoy relaxed discussion over a drink in modern and relaxed venues.

The event is about people coming together, who are focused on contributing to Fintech opportunities from Scotland. We expect this event to have broad appeal to software developers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or those involved in finance or technology projects within larger organisations, Fintech ideas pre start-up, early stage companies, existing finance or technology companies looking to Fintech for specific reasons and the increasingly diverse and supportive private and public sectors within Scotland that see Fintech as an exciting approach to the skills, opportunity and future of Scottish enterprise.

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