Build-a-fintech: Workshop TBC

Needs a location


More details to come, but getting this out there to bookmark in calendars! :)

Hello one and all!

We're excited to be a part of Fintech Scotland's Fintech Fortnight 2019!

This year we're doing something a little different - an interactive and facilitated workshop where we'll work to build lo-fi outlines or prototypes of fintechs that solve challenges that real people are facing.

On the night, we'll split out into groups, with each group either coming up with, or being assigned a real-world problem, and your challenge will be to come up with something to alleviate the pain points and make a sustainable business.

The workshop will be split into three sections, with teams presenting back their progress at each stage:

1. Pitch the product/solution (talk about your problem, how you’re going to solve it and your USP)

2. Develop and present a lo-fi prototype (this could be a real MVP if you've got the skill, or wires, pencil drawings, a customer journey map, a storyboard, or even just a few talking points explaining what you would like to build)

3. Present your business model (one that's often missed in these conversions - talk about your sources of income / revenue, sustainability, growth, the target market, users / customers)

We're hoping this will be an interesting alternative to speaker events throughout Fintech Fortnight and provide an opportunity for our community to collaborate, discuss, and ultimately create something.

All-the-while, still thinking about important things relevant to larger fintech discussions: solving problems with fintech; design challenges and creating user experiences; building sustainable business, not just glossy wireframes.

If this sounds like your bag, then sign up - we can't wait to get into the thick of it and hopefully give you something to take away and build for real!

All best,
Sergei and Bobby