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Learn about better public speaking in a fun, and safe environment!
We meet every Thursday from noon to 1:15 at the La Casa De Cristo on the corner of Bell and 64th. Come on out! As a guest here's what to expect: * Meet our current members for introductions and networking * Sit in during an actual meeting where we learn powerful communication and leadership skills through better public speaking. * Watch as members give speeches based on criteria set by the specific speech manual they're working from...Some speeches teach body language...vocal to to get more to better organize thoughts and so much more! Every speech theme is different from week to week. * Listen as members then evaluate those speakers. An invaluable tool for those that are project managers or who manage or lead small to large groups of colleagues. This is where we learn the most about our speaking skills. This teaches constructive feedback skills - a must have skill in the corporate setting to get the most out of your colleagues and employees. * Then, Table Topics. Here, you'll listen as members are selected at random to answer a question prepared ahead of time. A highly invaluable tool our members use to "think on their feet." Imagine, what the power of an eloquently structured "think on your feet" moment could do to your status at work. When your boss asks you to quickly present on the 'numbers' or any other topic on the spot...and expects you to be concise, succinct and effective...this is exactly the kind of training you'll want to have in your 'back pocket' to really impress colleagues and superiors! * Finally, awards are given out for best speaker, evaluator and table topics speaker. There is no better motivation than being recognized for achievements. Many companies have duplicated this portion of our meeting for their own company's achievement awards process - an idea especially helpful for local business owners looking to increase worker morale, and for those responsible for HR duties at their company. * That's it! You've just spent 70 of the most productive minutes that you'll ever experience learning about powerful public speaking. Imagine the impact that this weekly meeting could have on your job, career and professional opportunities. * Come on out this Thursday from noon to 1:15. We can't wait to meet you!

La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church

6300 E Bell Rd · Scottsdale