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We are a highly varied group of acoustic musicians and acoustic music lovers who put on in-home House Concerts in the Northeast quadrant of the Valley of the Sun. The guitar and our voices are our primary instruments of choice.

We are seeking Valley of the Sun located, "touring" and "non-touring" acoustic singer-songwriters, and acoustic musics fans who either enjoy providing a space for the presentation of our great music, and/or attending in-Home music concerts. Concert venues need not be large or lavish. However, they must be big enough to accommodate at least approximately 10-20 attendees.

Prospective musicians must provide a Youtube type video and be in possession of at least one 45 minute set of good, original acoustic music. In some cases a strong solo performer with an abundance of material will perform two sets. At other shows the evening may be shared by two performers who are in possession of less material. Prospective hosts will have a voice in determining the exact performance line-up of specific shows. In expressing their preferences, they will be able to view all prospective performers on-line.

The Host or Hostess(s) will also have the discretion of determining whether they will provide food and drink, and what sort of drinks they will provide--alcoholic or non-alcoholic. This means that they can also designate an event as a BYOB and food event. Currently, a $16.00 minimum donation is to be made made if you pre-donate on-line using the well-known PayPal collection system. Or, if you attend without pre-donating, the donation price of admission at the door will be $20.00.

However, as we cannot publish Host's addresses on line (unless they agree to have their address' revealed), only those approved by the Hosts, or by the organizers--with the expressed permission of the Hosts--will be able to receive addresses in order to attend without an RSVP. The majority of the donations will go to the musician(s).

As we will be performing primarily in small, intimate venues we will play "unplugged." This is not only a purer expression of our various traditional "roots" music forms but also prevents us from traveling down a treacherous, slippery slope of more and more electronic equipment creeping in to our presentations. Where this would stop...well...no one knows. So better to eliminate it from the get-go. Otherwise, before you know it, we're "raising the roof" and the neighbors are complaining. Then we can't go back to that venue again.

Moreover, the power of traditional acoustic music--be it folk, country, Celtic, pop, ethnic, rock or blues stems from the cerebral and emotive quality of the words. There is no surer way to obscure the "message" than loud electrification. Even the original rock and roll beat was first produced by early pioneers such as Bill Haley on an acoustic guitar before it was amplified. Actually, I love loud rock and roll music (especially AC/DC) and I know that many of you do too. And there are dozens of places where we can find it any night of the week. They are called "bars."

If we situate ourselves properly--which we will--in the right in-home venues we will NOT need amps, mics or P.A. systems, and other flashing, pulsating, digital gizmos etc., etc. We are very unique in this day and age because we are going "old school"--back to the source--"pickin' and playin' on the front porch," if you will, and are extremely proud of it! And the reason we can pull it off is because we are fundamentally good, solid musicians who are in love with our craft in its original form! Our members and prospective attendees will soon be able to see our incredible, curated group of performers on our Scottsdale Home Concert Facebook page in order to be able to choose which performer's concerts that they wish to attend.

Please consider joining us today as either a performer, a Host, or as an attending acoustic music fan--or all three!--who love live acoustic music.

Thanks. Jeff McCullough Organizer of Scottsdale Home Concerts.

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