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Here's a group for consciousness seekers who want more fun and access to the truth, which leads us to liberty, peace, and joy.

This group is for everyone interested in personal growth and conscious living.

This group is about changing anything in your life that is not working for you with openness awareness. It will help attendees release stuck energy and emotions. You will learn how to release the mental and emotional clutter of everyday life. It is a path of fighting against the ideas which can invade your mental life into an obsession.

Everyone is welcome to our meetings, from scientists to philosophers, to artists, technologists and engineers, and atheists.

Consciousness is a broad topic. Therefore we welcome into our consideration a wide variety of approaches to promote broadly transdisciplinary discussions and figure out how we can apply these concepts to other fields of interest and the consciousness of behavior.

Everyone feels at one time or another the need to understand the "behavior," his own and that of others, and even more, the conscious experience that follows precedes or accompanies it.

Our goal is to bring in concepts and ideas that cause us to look beyond our known boundaries.

Our body communicates with us all the time. The muscles of our body remember everything that ever happened to us from before birth to death, without words.

Many of us are overstimulated and stressed out that we cannot hear what our body is saying. Get to know yourself better. Become aware of yourself. It's about self-awareness through pure sensations. To see, to hear, to walk, to feel without thinking neither of the present act nor of anything else, but willing to act where you are fully master of yourself.

You will begin to release the stresses that are held within the body and to heal the painful emotions associated with fear, depression, and emotionally traumatic experiences. You will learn to go right to the source of the issues, not to lock you up within your caverns but to get out of there and be free.

Learn to work constructively with your own emotions.
How can we be present to ourselves expect by engaging all our psychological and moral faculties?

Come to slide more in-depth into the state you prefer so you can live a happy and abundant life. If you have a willingness or a desire to learn, this is for you.
It is about you. All is about being present and increasing self-awareness with your body, mind, and emotions.

Discover the incredible wisdom that resides within your own body. You will learn how to develop your sensory awareness and how to listen to your body and care for its needs genuinely.

There are many topics to explore, so join us on this fascinating journey of understanding the Brain and Consciousness.

It is an education of the consciousness of the body, mind, and emotions.
If you are interested in optimizing the brain and consciousness, join us to learn how to use it correctly for your healing and the healing of others.

You will learn to become fully present to yourself and others, current with all your body and your mind.

Here is a calling to all creatives, musicians, artists, and workers promoting truth.

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Mindfulness - Forgiveness

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch

Quantum Coherence & Hora Consciousness

Sozo Coffee

Quantum Coherence & Hora Consciousness

Sozo Coffee

Quantum Coherence & Hora Consciousness

Sozo Coffee

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