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Our group is dedicated to traders and investors from both a Technical and Fundamental view. We discuss both Long and Short stock trading techniques.

Hello. My name is Ed Barsano. I have a software engineering background and have been trading stocks since the 1980's. I've been fully automating my stock trading since 2001 and present fully robotic stock trading techniques to audiences all over the country, in person and on the radio. I believe the stock market is the greatest invention offering the transfer of wealth WITH NO PRODUCT. Though the largest institutions have the ability to rake billion$ out of the market, there is no barrier to entry for regular folks, no test to take, and no degrees required. IMO, the biggest challenge we face is the UNLEARNING of the huge amounts of MISINFORMATION being spread on TV, the Radio, and the Internet. I'm always interested in learning how you have lost money in the market, how it was taken away from you, and in sharing successful strategies for taking steady money out of the market.

Anyone interested in learning how to let your computer trade the stock market 100% unattended, feel free to check out the CoolTrade website.

.h (https://www.facebook.com/paradisestockinvestors)ttps://cooltrade.org

So come to the monthly meetings and learn to stop treating the stock market as just a hobby and more like an automatic money machine that it was meant to be.

Ed Barsano

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