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We meet this Sunday, and every two weeks, to play Scrabble, same time and same location. When the Meetup falls on a holiday and Au Bon Pain is closed, we reschedule. The cafe is right next to Davis Square station on the Red Line.

Who are we, and who should join us?

Our goal first is to have fun. There are more competitive Scrabble groups in the area, but regulars at our club do have more word knowledge and more basic strategy skills than the average living room player. If you enjoy playing online, or your friends won't play with you any longer, you'll fit right in with our group! Players of all skill levels are welcome. Normally pairings are random, but we will attempt to match you to a similarly skilled person if you desire.

How to get to the Meetup

Train or bus is a good option: the MBTA station is right next to the restaurant. For those who prefer to arrive by car, parking is free in both metered spots and residential streets on Sundays. The lot adjacent to Au Bon Pain may be in use for a flea market over the summer but typically many spots are available on the side streets.

A few times a year there is a road race that shuts down Davis Square for cars. Normally this ends before 12, but some traffic is left over. If the organizers are aware of it, we will try to post an update or send out an email message. Occasionally there is weekend work on the Red Line, which may mean trains are replaced by shuttle buses. Again if we know, we will send out a warning.

What to bring

Please bring a Scrabble board if you have one, pen, and paper, and plan to show up any time between 12:00 and 2:00 for the highest turnout. Folks typically stay until 2:30 or 3:00, enough time for 2-3 games. You will be matched up as you arrive. I provide a few spare boards, the word list, and a list of two and three letter words for new folks to use open during the game.

The $1 charge goes to pay for's annual fees and other minor expenses like photocopies. If you are a regular, it is $10 for a year's play, a good deal for both you and me.

Getting to the next level of play

I have compiled some good tips for Scrabble play (, especially helpful for new folks . The cheat sheet (" is a great reference for casual and regular players alike. A good way to improve your score right away! I recommend memorizing the two letter words ( If you come occasionally, it's fine to use our "cheat sheet" during the game, but you will benefit quickly from learning this short list that is the building block of basic Scrabble play. If you already know the two letter words, move on to the three letter ones (! For folks wanting a more in-depth guide to Scrabble in a fun, readable format, I highly recommend Joe Edley's book "Everything Scrabble (" It is available in local libraries, and I also have a copy I can loan out.