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I hope you all had a relaxing and energizing summer. Now let's get back at it.
We'll meet up to pitch stories and/or provide feedback. If you want to pitch, it's probably best to come prepared with a good idea of the following:
1) What's your "A" story (plot-driven) and what's your "B" story (character-driven)?
2) Character Arc: What's your character's WANT? What's your character's NEED? What's his/her FLAW? What's his/her SECRET?
3) Plot:
a) Life as We Know It
b) Inciting Incident
c) Act 1 Turning Point -- The Point of No Return
d) Early Act 2 complications -- Things Get Worse
e) Midpoint/Flip-point -- We see things from a new perspective
f) The Last Kick -- Some sort of betrayal
g) Act 2 Turning Point -- The Lowest Moment
h) The Final Hurdle
i) False Resoution
j) Actual Resolution

Also, it might be good to hear stories that don't follow a conventional three-act structure. Why are you using an alternative structure? How does alternative structure best serve your story?

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