• Réussir le changement avec le storytelling

    Maison Notman

    This event is presented by Agile Montreal for our community. It will be in French. A really good 90 minutes to learn about storytelling and make connections with this great community at Montreal. Event Description (In French) Changer, c’est plonger dans l’inconnu, l’inconnu nous fait peur depuis la nuit des temps. Conduire le changement en est d’autant plus difficile qu’il n’existe pas de moyen idéal, il varie selon les situations, les personnes et les organisations. S’il n’y a pas de recette magique pour le changement, il y a des pistes à explorer pour réduire la résistance. L’une d’elles, le storytelling, qui consiste à communiquer par la narration pour amener les individus à adhérer à une idée, à agir, à se mobiliser. Lorsque l’histoire est plaisante, séduisante et que les personnages font écho à notre émotionnel, les messages véhiculés s’imprègnent plus facilement dans notre mémoire et sont plus efficaces dans l’atteinte des objectifs. Pratiqué mondialement, le « storytelling » connaît un engouement croissant dans la francophonie et est régulièrement utilisé dans la conduite du changement. Diana Yazidjian a appliqué le storytelling chez Orange France de 2003 à 2008 pour l’aider à atteindre les objectifs qui lui étaient fixés : arrimer les pratiques de gestion de projet, implémenter la norme Sarbanes-Oxley et faciliter l’adoption de nouveaux processus. Depuis, elle forme les entrepreneurs de Fondation Montréal et les cadres-gestionnaires. Cette conférence vous présentera les étapes du storytelling, les retombées et les écueils à éviter. About your speaker for this event (In French) Diana Yazidjian (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianayazidjian) Diana Yazidjian est titulaire d’une Maîtrise en administration des affaires, avec plus de 20 années d’expérience en lancement de produits et services sur le web, ici et à l’international. Dans les années 90, elle travaille avec les jeunes pousses de Montréal sur la première génération de projets web. Dans les années 2000, direction France où elle se voit confier une variété de projets : le déploiement de nouveaux processus TI, la gestion de systèmes nationaux de service client, l’idéation de services. C’est là qu’elle développe la méthode du storytelling comme outil de facilitation du changement. En 2011, Diana fonde DFY Conseil (http://www.dfyconsulting.com/en/) en vue d’accompagner les entreprises nord-américaines dans leurs communications et les entrepreneurs à définir leur positionnement basé sur le storytelling. Son mantra : assurer la pérennité des entreprises et des entrepreneurs au Québec, c’est les amener à bâtir un écosystème solide et à communiquer avec authenticité. Voir son profil Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianayazidjian).

  • An Agile Mindset: Not Just For the Leader

    Note: You must RSVP here for this event: http://www.meetup.com/Agile-open-space/events/230027596/ Hello, My name is Omar Bermudez, I am organizer of a few meetups groups in Montreal, and I saw this fantastic group without administrators. I took that role until somebody could do it. My only intention is to avoid the shut down of this community by meetup.com. In the meantime I want to invite you to an event I am organizing in few days. Since it is complicated for me to handle attends if I create the event in both communities, I share with you the link to RSVP here in the other community, please make your RSVP through this link: RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/Agile-open-space/events/230027596/ Note: Please, if you are part of this community and want to add value, or want to become organizer and help me in this task, please do it. I will not able to handle in a very good way all events, so I will try to share events between both agile/scrum communities and be sure that both communities have events where you can learn and share your knowledge. Here is the description of this event: Event Description Most approaches to work are described as a methodology or a process, however Agile is neither of those, but rather a mindset. The idea of an Agile Mindset is a positive one, because it encourages us to open our minds to focus on people and our interactions with them and on how we collaborate with our customers and how we think about our work and how we approach it. We learn to trust and respect one another and focus on producing quality product, whilst working in an environment where we can fail-safe, and try again to seek improvements. It is about being flexible, so that we can easily adapt to the on-going changes that are demanded by our customers and the business. Let's meet together to learn how to cultivate and practice agile mindset. At the end of this workshop you will have real example to apply the day after in your organization. RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/Agile-open-space/events/230027596/ About the Venue and Cost We are so happy to say that Fabrik8 (http://www.fabrik8.work/) will take care of us during this 150 minutes. They gladly allow us to use their office space, and without any cost for you. Please don't forget to say THANK YOU to Fabrik8 (http://www.fabrik8.work/) team before/after/during this event. About your facilitator for this event Omar Bermudez (http://www.agilecafe.org/) Omar is an agile practitioner who simply loves Agile. Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach & Agile Leader and LEGO Serious Play facilitator with more than 17 years in the IT field. By many considered a natural leader, a mentor and a motivator, Omar believes it is important to continually be learning and growing. He is passionate about leadership development and seeing people reaching their full potential. Omar’s dream is to be a lifelong learner, growing each day. Omar has a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids. In his free time, he tries to apply agile methodologies at the family level and enjoys traveling with his family and discover new places with them. RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/Agile-open-space/events/230027596/

  • Pitch for a Pitcher: 2015 Nightcap


    Join us for a round off meetup of 2015! District 3 recently kicked off their Introduction to Scrum sessions and will be ending their last class tonight. We'll be joining up afterward to meet the new scrum enthusiasts, have a pint or two, and say farewell until the New Year.

  • Lean Social Innovation - Leading Change: Facilitating Community Through Scrum

    In partnership with ExpoC, Racine Carrie, Collaboratoire, and District 3, SCRUM514 (are you happy now Noah?) (the artist formerly known as ScruMTL) presents a community discussion on leading change. As always we will be teaching scrum by doing scrum. Where: District 3 Innovation Center Ideation Space, 6th Floor, 1250 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3H 2L3 When: This Friday at 4. What: (thank you Michael Maclean) This is the beginning of an on going conversation, activities, and games on social innovation and design challenges. This event series is meant to begin to create a diverse community around these topics who also want to learn the scrum process in action. It will attempt to create a community where you become a member, a stakeholder and an important part of how the system works and is implemented. All you need to do now is show up with your thoughts. This ever-growing group, collective, community will provide an important part of the process for many design challenges to come. It's also a focus group around social innovation where ideas can be incubated bounced around and brought to new heights. It in its nature is open to anyone and everyone but we would love to see you there! Topics of discussion: - “What is social innovation and design challenges?” -What does your community need to succeed -How can scrum lead this process? -What problems need to be fixed, prioritized, and sprinted upon.

  • How Scrum/Lean /Agile Methodologies Can Help You Make an Impact In The World

    A few minutes talking about the basic principles of Lean/Scrum/Agile methodologies followed by exercises that will ask you to question the way in which you currently view your goals whether they be personal or professional. Specifically we will work on communicating an Epic User Story as a set of core values to get others excited to join your endeavors.

  • Scrum Grinding: Deconstructing Goowi's Epic User Story/Product Backlog

    District 3 Innovation Center

    The best way to learn is from other peoples failures and successes, so come to District 3 on Friday July 3rd for peer-to-peer scrum surgery. This week the patient is Augusto Soleto, the founder of Goowi, the Get To Give Social Entrepreneurship platform. Help brave Augusto and his team work through the complication of the lean, agile approach from 4-5 in the beautiful new ideation space. To Learn more about Goowi (http://www.goowi.net/)

  • Making an Epic Product Backlog

    District 3 Innovation Center

    What is a Product Backlog? How do you make one? How do you use a product backlog to motivate a team? How do you use a product backlog to win friends and influence people =) Come to District 3 on Monday June 22 to ideate through a fun product backlog session at 5pm. In our beautiful ideation space.

  • Pitch for a Pitcher: ScruMTL


    Pitch for a Pitcher: Join ScruMTL on Thursday June 18 for 5-7 drink deals paired with the fine wine of weird, experimental scrum games. The format: - Everyone will fill out fun & silly words/phrases to go into three separate hats - Each person will then pick from each hat to build their Epic User Story in the structure of "As a ____, I need ____, so that ____" - You will have 1 minute to pitch to the room and sell everyone on your new product/service constructed out of your weird silly user story that you will reveal at the end of your pitch. We'll vote as a group and the top three pitches will each get a pitcher -- especially if we all put a dollar in to pay for those pitchers. Then we will network the night away and talk about whatever scrum/lean/agile topics come to mind and meet new people. Last months pitch for a pitcher was a homerun. Lets do it again.

  • ScruMTL Presents: Kenya Innovate

    District 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre EV Building (Room 7.105)

    http://kenyainnovate.tumblr.com/ Full Details here: http://socialinnovationchallenges.splashthat.com/ Finals of the Kenya Innovate Social Innovation Challenge! According to United Nations Children’s Fund (2012), nearly 90 per cent of the world’s 127 million illiterate youth live in South Asia (65 million) and sub-Saharan Africa (47 million). In the least developed countries one quarter of young men and one third of young women, aged 15 to 24, are illiterate. June 11th will be an amazing full day speaking about, thinking about, tackling, examinining how we can innovate and design to alleviate illiteracy. The day culminates in the final pitches in which a two-person team, from any background, presents their creative solution that improves literacy. The winning team will receive two tickets to Nairobi for an amazing two week experience testing their technical and social prototype in the field with the students, schools and tech community of Nairobi. Every Wednesday at 1 beginning May 6 - June 3, participants in teams of two, will have the opportunity to work on initial ideas and receive coaching for their submissions to the The Ken_ya Innovate? Challenge. There is a second $500 cash prize available to the team that comes up with the best software solution that is compatible with the CSLP’s Learning Toolkit software (see http://doe.concordia.ca/cslp/ltk). The challenge is comprised of two main components: creating a socially and financially sustainable impact model and a preliminary prototype solution (possible forms of prototype include, wireframes, paper prototype, design images, drawings, etc). As an open source challenge, teams have all the creative freedom and support to design an innovative solution to improve literacy amongst teenagers in Nairobi public schools. Regardless if the solution is technical or not, the prototype will be judged by how well it clearly defines the issue, demonstrates empathy, employs innovation, as well as the viability of the plan to implement the solution. The initial session on May 6th will include a prototyping information session, empathy map, and information regarding the Ken_ya Innovate? challenge on June 11th. The final day will include a workshop lead by ScruMTL.