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Professional Scrum Visualisation

Online event

One of our biggest accountability as Scrum Masters and Professionals is to help organisations understand Scrum. We can do this by teaching, coaching, mentoring, and facilitating. In this journey, we can grasp any help we can to effectively help the organisation change.

An aspect that is very important is how our message comes across. Experience tells us that using PowerPoint slides with many bullets and a large amount of text is not the most effective way to do this. Visualising our message, however, is a far more effective way to accomplish our goals.

Scrum Facilitators and Creative Elephant have joined hands and help you to visualise your message to thrive the change and strengthen your impact as Scrum Facilitators.

In this two-hour session, The Creative Elephant kicks the first hour off and teaches you the fundamentals of visualisation. After the break, you will use these skills and we challenge you to visualise your understanding of Scrum and Professional Scrum.

Agenda (CEST)
15:30 - Welcome
15:35 - Fundamentals of visualisation
16:30 - Break
16:40 - Visualise Professional Scrum
17:25 - Closing

Needed during the Meetup:
- A laptop with webcam and microphone
- Drawing material of your choosing
- Paper
- Alternative: digital drawing board (tablet, Ipad, MS Surface, etc..)

Video Conferencing Tool: ZOOM
Max attendees: 100

On behalf of Creative Elephant and Scrum Facilitators, we welcome you to Professional Scrum Visualisation :)

Your event hosts,
Linda & Ziryan

Value First - A simple-to-understand-approach to Backlog ordering

Struggle with (collaborating on) the order of your Product Backlog? Does discussing value get muddied, super subjective and heated. Or you simply skip it because it is hard?

Using the ideas and principles from EVO and Value First (Gilb), Fredrik Wendt will facilitate an interactive session. You will explore and discuss ways to look at value. After this session you will have new tools to clearly describe, discuss and track value in relation to functionality. And a framework to weigh various options based on clear value for your Product Backlog items.

Fredrik Wendt (ProAgile) is a Professional Scrum Trainer and Technical Agile Coach with extensive experience. Fredrik works, teaches and coaches Scrum, Agile, XP and more. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredrikwendt/

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