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Goal 🎯: The core purpose of this group is to become better Scrum Masters through self-development, sharing and learning. Providing a health check for newly and seasoned practicing Scrum Masters.
Facilitated by new and experienced Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches who like try facilitating in a safe environment. This place is to share your Scrum Master struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work as a Scrum Master.

Inspired by Tobias Mayer´s Scrum Master Clinics. This group is for new and experienced Scrum Masters who seek a free, fun, inspiring and open minded space, to develop as Scrum Masters and as an individual. This might be the place where you can help other Scrum Masters, become a mentor or get a mentor.

We start by these simple 6 Principles and grow together from here.

1) Participation is active, not passive. All participants are invited to contribute and engage in the spirit of self-organisation and self-directed learning....

2) The Meetup will always be free, but voluntary donations can be collected to cover room costs and refreshments. Commercial sponsorship of any kind should be avoided.

3) Each Meetup should have more than one facilitator, to avoid creating a cult of personality, or any form of dependence.

5) Facilitators can be more experienced than participants, OR just have particular knowledge or skills to share.

6) Participant is considered to be capable of facilitating at some time, and encouraged to join in that capacity, pairing with more experienced facilitators.

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