The F Word: Building Team Feedback Culture With Radical Candor

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Continuous improvement is a key component to Agile. Feedback that is kind, direct, honest, specific, behavior-focused and tied to outcomes is imperative to providing necessary details and psychological safety for teams to improve. Yet, giving and receiving helpful feedback is often challenging.

Using the Radical Candor feedback framework, this workshop will provide attendees with the practical knowledge and ability to facilitate and promote a feedback culture on their agile team(s).

Attendees will learn
- understanding of the Radical Candor framework and recognizing helpful vs unhelpful feedback
- tools and techniques to coach your team(s) on the importance on giving helpful feedback, how to give helpful and unbiased feedback, and how to receive feedback when feedback is unhelpful
- - how to facilitate a similar feedback-building workshop with their team(s) or organizations

Dinner will be provided.

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