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Remote meetup grupa za sve koji govore istim jezikom i žele pomoći organizacijam i timovima da postanu mesto gde svako želi da radi.

Boris i Bogdan su duo koji je pokrenuo ovu priču u aprilu 2020. ali ona polako prerasta u ekipu fenomenalnih i motivisanih ljudi koji se trude da Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean i slični termini ne ostanu mrtvo slovo na papiru.Snimci prošlih događaja na YT kanalu:


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The Circle of Human Agility

Online event

We believe that agility is a great tool, a skill, away, and an environment for humans to realize themselves and be - fully human. Heart, body, mind, spirit, emotions, work, life - all of it.

Today we invite you to join us, three humans that happen to be agilists and coaches, in experiencing yourself (more) fully and exploring your human agility.

Three of us will form a circle and invite you in. You are free to ask or share with us anything you want: how you feel now, how you feel about human agility, share a story, ask for advice, ask for micro coaching, ask about our human agility, etc.

All three of us will share feedback from our unique human perspectives. The circle will last for about 60 min and will be first come first served.

What will you bring to the circle of human agility?

Lyssa Adkins:

I believe that Agile is a brilliant, emergent response to help us thrive in our ever-increasingly complex, changeable and interconnected world.

My current focus is coaching Leadership Teams to take up the Agile transformation that is theirs to do — on both a personal and group level.

For many years I have been a passionate contributor to the discipline and profession of Agile Coaching and have trained many thousands of agilists in the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to coach teams and organizations to get the full benefits of Agile.

In 2010, I authored Coaching Agile Teams which is still a best seller 10 years later.

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Coaching Agile Teams Audiobook

Anja Radoičić Vučićević:

I am an engineer turned coach turned psychotherapist. I love doing things that I am not sure I can do but I get bored easily if there is too much repetition involved.

When I discovered Agile, I loved it so much because it suggested that we can learn fast, apply the learnings, and discover something new every time. For me, that was a sure way to avoid repetition!

Somewhere along the way, I have learned that it is hard to change even when we want to. Humans are complex beings but to be understood in our teams we sometimes need to express ourselves in simple ways.

I’ve found out that I really enjoy being with people on this path as they discover their values, set their boundaries, and make themselves heard.

This naturally leads to better communication and in turn makes way for Agile Transformation to happen.

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Miloš Zeković, Agile Coach:

I believe that agility creates a fantastic opportunity to be fully human - at work, at home, anywhere. I combine professional coaching, agility, system thinking, and mindfulness to support individuals, teams, and organizations to create environments for human expression and increase their agility.

Today I am focused on adding more somatic processing and emotion processing in my coaching.

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