Let's release it - an intro to Continuous Delivery by Rouan Wilsenach

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Imagine being able to ship new features with confidence. Imagine decoupling the process of putting new code in production from the decision to release new features to users. Push to production every day and release features when you’re ready. Continuous Delivery describes a set of practices that can make this happen. Join Rouan as he gives you an introduction to the concept of Continuous Delivery and some of the main practices that underpin it. He’ll talk about automated testing, deployment and version control. He’ll tell you what it means for your approach to user stories and your definition of done and about the difference it will make in the life of your product owner. He’ll cover the concept of building quality into the delivery process and the power this gives you.

Rouan Wilsenach (@rouanw) is a software developer at ThoughtWorks in Johannesburg. He has experience consulting for clients in the financial services, health, media and education sectors. He has worked as an agile coach, helping teams learn and adopt agile engineering practices, and has helped businesses with organisation-wide agile adoption.