What we're about

In the world of uncertainty, there are challenges that every organization faces as part of their transformation journey. Scrum Bangalore community with its large number of people with diverse backgrounds offers personal experiences of their best practices and way of working for Agile Transformation.

Our community ideology is:

* unwavering focus on the purpose of the community

* Respect each other’s views of the community

* Provide equal opportunity for all the members in a safe-to-fail environment.

* Provide a platform to connect with leading Agile practitioners in the industry.

* To provide a forum where members can discuss the practical implementation success stories and also roadblocks of Agile methodology

* To discuss the results achieved with the Agile Practices and help/assist others in achieving the same.

Past events (47)

Scrum Bangalore 31st Meetup (in-person) on 18th February 2023

DevOn Software

Scrum Bangalore 30th Meetup (in-person) on 19th November 2022

DevOn Software

Scrum Bangalore 29th Meetup (in-person) on 23rd July 2022

DevOn Software

The DevOps event of the year! DevOn Summit 2022

This event has passed