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Hosting the Scrum Day Denmark registration by Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) in Denmark.

About Professional Scrum in Denmark and enable people in Denmark to meet, share and learn.


See also https://scrumday.dk/ for details about Scrum Day DK, download of presentation etc.

• Scrum Day 2019

• Scrum Day 2018

• Scrum Day 2017 – Sep

• Scrum Day 2017 – May

• Scrum Day 2016

• Scrum Day 2015

• Scrum Day 2014

Past events (20)

Webinar with Gunther Verheyen: Engagement is the key

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Interactive webinar with Jeff Gothelf: Forever Employable

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Scrum Day Denmark 2019

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Nexus Zoo workshop - Scale your Scrum professionally

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