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We are an endorsed Scrum Alliance User Group primarily based and operating in London.

We are a user group of Scrum advocates who wish to promote the Agile and Scrum values within the community and beyond. Leveraging the knowledge of industry experts, our objective is to support people where we can. But only when they are ready to be Agile and potentially use Scrum.

We do what we say by living the Scrum Values:


We focus on the presentation(s) per event (but it can be presented by multiple people). This allows the presenter(s) and audience to gain the maximum value from the event, rather than being a show case for something else.


We organise as a team and welcome people to contribute so, they too can gain experience of volunteering for the community. We believe there is no monopoly on experience.


We are a free, open group that tries to resolve any concerns and is as transparent as we possibly can be.


We are committed to the success of Agile and Scrum by supporting the community with this user group.


We respect everyone inside the group and also outside the group. We have no desire to compete, but rather to share knowledge even if it could be seen as being at the expense of our group. We do not judge and we wish all to be respected even if others may deem they are not worthy of that respect.

For that, we will always support diversity in our community and we will start doing that by promoting female speakers for the first 12 months to show who they are and what they have to offer!

Our users are committed to these values because we believe that an Agile Mindset can enhance people’s lives, often resulting in easing communication, reducing stress and enhancing happiness. It is well known that happy people are more productive people, translating into real Value.

We want everyone to be able to experience joy from the group.

Thank you.

Attendees: This Scrum User Group is entirely free!

We aim to keep it that way. All that is required is that your turn up, enjoy the event and be respectful to other attendees.

E-Mail: scrumevent@gmail.com
You can use the above email to register any SEU’s with the Scrum Alliance CSP application form.

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Scrum Event and Judy Rees present:Overcoming the difficulties of remote meetings

Scrum Event and Judy Rees present: Overcoming the difficulties of remote meetings Abstract: What makes remote meetings, workshops and training so difficult? As great in-the-room trainers, facilitators and coaches increasingly do their thing remotely, we can recognise three big challenges, the Difficult-Ds: - Distraction - Disconnection (both literal and metaphorical) - Discomfort - Disembodiment To make our remote meetings and events brilliant, we need to tackle these. But with a little effort, it really is possible! In this highly-interactive session, I’ll share top tips, and aim to crowdsource additional ideas from you. About Judy Rees: Revised bio: Judy Rees works with senior leaders, operational managers, teams, coaches, and all kinds of “change professionals” to develop advanced communication skills. Her specialism is supporting highly diverse teams to connect effectively, even when members rarely (or never) meet in person. She facilitates online meetings, workshops, conferences and unconferences, and teaches great-in-the-room facilitators and trainers to do their thing remotely. As a former news journalist and media executive, she’s been working with geographically distributed teams since long before it became mainstream. She’s the co-author of the specialist bestseller Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds as well as a number of ebooks and online courses, including Virtual Leadership Secrets. Agenda: 18:30 - 19:00: Arrivals 19:00 - 19:10: Introductions 19:10 - 20.00: Session Talk 20.00 - 20.30: Networking Venue Sponsor: Hosted by Skills Matter who has graciously let us use their space for this event. Don't forget to SIGN UP with Skills Matter for faster access on the day here: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11815-scrum-event We're a Scrum Alliance endorsed User group: This event will earn Scrum Alliance SEUs worth 2 SEU's.

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