Troublemakers, misfits and disruptors, how does one work with Agilists.

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Scrum Event, Georgina Hughes and Tomasz Kropiewnicki present:
"Troublemakers, misfits and disruptors - how does one work with Agilists."

"We are uncovering better ways" are the starting words of our manifesto. It should not be a surprise to anyone reading these words that this requires challenging the status quo and attracts certain kinds of individuals; those who are vocal, opinionated, and passionate for change. After all, a disruptive philosophy will attract people who don't want things to stay the way they are now and are more comfortable with change than the average person.
Whether the practitioners of the Agile philosophy of work brand themselves as "coaches" or "masters," there is one thing they have in common: a passion for uncovering and dealing with challenges as the basis of their day job. The question for us as practitioners is when is it OK to accept things as they are, and the question for those working alongside us is how not to pull all of one’s hair out ;)
Come and join Tomasz and Georgina for this talk where we will take a crooked mirror to all the agile practitioners and dash out a few tips on how to put the fun back into the process of being disrupted.

About Georgina Hughes:

Georgina is a professional nonconformist able to see the potential to improve everywhere in everyone. She is a relentless learner on a never-ending journey of discovery. Georgina will not settle for a second best and always pushes herself (but others too) to be their best. With her technical background, Georgina is able to understand and empathise with the day to day problems of the engineering teams and always able to help them achieve excellence especially using her favourite tool: retrospectives.
She has been gaining her knowledge and recognition as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach in various industries and organisations but also Georgina is a very active member of the London Agile Community.

About Tomasz Kropiewnicki:

Tomasz is a systems thinker. He sees systems everywhere and creates ways to visualise them; disruption requires metrics to understand whether or not it improved that system. With his technical background, he has data gathering and analysing skills that continue to serve well as an Agile Coach. For the last few years, Tomasz has been working in the banking sector, helping the old guard to be more agile so they can continue to complete in a market increasingly disrupted by smaller organisations. Tomasz is a lifelong learner and self-declared #meetupAddict, which is how he continues to hone his skills. He challenges and supports the people and systems in his life in equal measure, creating an unstable space that one can feel safe within.

18:00 - 18:30: Arrivals
18:30 - 18:40: Introductions
18:40 - 20.10: Session Talk
20.10 - 21.00: Networking & Pizza

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Northcliffe House, 5th Floor, 2 Derry Street
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