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Scrumvival (http://scrumvival.com/) \ˈskrəm-ˈvī-vəl\

a. The act or fact of living up to Scrum (https://www.scrum.org/resources/what-is-scrum/) principles and values.

b. The act or fact of adopting Scrum (https://www.scrum.org/resources/what-is-scrum/) to thrive on challenging markets.

c. The act or fact of gaining skills and knowledge necessary to become successful with Scrum (https://www.scrum.org/resources/what-is-scrum/).

If you're a Scrum practitioner (a scrummer) – either a Developer or a Product Owner or a Scrum Master – you know Scrum is difficult and hard work. You need to be tough and disciplined. And you need a nudge. That's why we called this group Scrumvival (as in "survival").

Scrumvival was born to let you – the Scrummers – meet and discuss real life Scrum sh*t. You know - challenges, practices, techniques, dos and don'ts - real Scrum stuff.

Scrum on!


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