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Special(ist) Education & Training Services (SeTs)

SeTs provides:-

Authorised Personal Trainer (Fitness & Strength Training)

Group coaching (& club instructor)

• Dynamic Physical Education

• Self-defence & conflict intervention

• Parkour

• Kyusho

• Chi Kung & NLP

Vocational teacher & education services
- Teaching (security & risk mgt./Assault Awareness & Risk Mgt. {AARM} courses)
- Content creation & course planning, Instructional design & eLearning
- Quality assurance & proofreading

SeTs collaborates with:-

• Style Dance Industry (SDI ry) - Street Dance School & more (dance & film festivals)

• Sporttia kaikille ry - school afternoon groups & clubs (Iltapäivä kerhoja)

--- Other professional Interests ---

On-line Learning (Web-based Learning, eLearning, Instructional Design/Articulate Storyline 2, iSpring, Usability & Human Interface Design). Business & finance,

--- Other Subjects of Personal Interest ---
Victimology, Crime Pattern Analysis / Offender Profiling, Understanding Violence & Work Place Violence, Executive Protection & Event Security, Border Control & International Crisis Mgt., Immigration & Human Rights, Borderland Studies, Criminology and crime prevention in general.

--- Past projects & experience ---
Vocational Teaching/Lecturer at LUAS

• Business Continuity Planning.

• Border Control & Management, Services & New technologies courses

English language teaching.

Security supervision (public order/events management) & guarding (retail/crime prevention & loss prevention).

Software project and process management (internet services), functionality and concept development, service development road mapping and project steering committee, functional and user acceptance testing.

Business organization, processes, finance & accounting.


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Budolop is... Parkour-Jitsu for kids (Self-defense + Parkour )

Kaivokselan Koulu

Budolop, I.e., Parkour-self-defense courses in Finnish ...&/or English language for 9-12 year olds, with an English instructor.

This Budolop is free for kids and provided in collaboration with Sporttia kaikille ry.

Budolop has four main objectives:
1. Kids don't become street kids in the afternoons and evenings and even stop using their smartphones and tablettes so much, helping to eliminate this modern addiction and social disease.
2. Kids learn how to cope with and protect themselves from bullying and general teasing.
3. Develop their physical fitness in a practical way. I.e. functional fitness and strength.
Develop kids self-confidence and fear management skills. I.e. to have faith in themselves.

We usually work in small groups of 8 to 15 kids with which we emphasize a playful mind and try to encourage and enthuse them with the learning of new knowledge and skills with activities and games in a way natural for kids. Our group currently meets up once per week on Saturdays from 17:15 to 18:45 at the Kaivokselan Koulu. Entry to the training hall is via the inner play yard. Just knock on the door when you get there.

Instructor profile: -
Self-defense instructor, Lii-Kan Jitsu (JuJutsu+ since 1987)
Parkour instructor, level 1, Suomen parkour Ry
Authorised Personal Trainer (APT), Elixialla (I.e. fitness & strength training)
Qualifies Vocational Teacher (HAMK / Security & Risk Management M.Sc.)
Certified Protection Officer (C.P.O. International Foundation for Protection Officers)
Previously a public order supervisor (+door supervisor) and security guard (+Shop security officer)[masked].

More info:
email: [masked]
SeTs website: http://www.sets.team
Sporttia kaikille ry: https://sporttiakaikille.fi/

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