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Like a Pro: Training for Practitioners – consent, boundaries and clarity
THIS IS SOLD OUT - SORRY! I am leading a Consensual Touch: Wheel of Consent workshop August[masked] - - - - - - - - - - Like a Pro is a five-day course for touch professionals with Dr. Betty Martin When & where: 26-30 September in Dawlish, Devon. Times: 10am-6pm each day Price: £740 APPLY HERE: Do you get paid to put your hands on people? Want to make your sessions safe, effective and satisfying? Then you need this course. You’ve taken the courses — tantra, massage, sexuality education, sexological bodywork — and you’ve got the skills. But what is it, exactly, that makes you a professional? (Hint: it’s not the money). You can learn great massage or tantric skills in many places, but what is it that makes your work, well, professional? If you are doing hands-on work, you need to have your own personal clarity, accurate protocols for assessment, and skills to teach consent and empowerment to your clients/students. You need to know the difference between giving and receiving, and to know – exactly – how to make sure you never overstep what your client is ready for. That’s what separates the dilettantes from the pros. And that is where this course comes in. This class is unique. There are many wonderful places to learn bodywork and tantra skills, but there are two critical pieces that make your work as a professional... well, professional. Empowerment and informed consent – teaching your client how to become exquisitely aware of their own desires and limits and how to communicate them. Reminding them it’s OK to say ‘No’ is not enough. Assessment – finding out what your client is ready for and – more importantly – what they are not. This must be done with guided body experience, not just with conversation. This class is for touch professionals who take their work seriously. It’s for anyone doing hands-on work – therapeutically-based, pleasure-based or both: therapeutic massage, pleasure-based massage, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, courtesan experiences, teaching sex technique, Sacred Intimates, courtesans, escorts, pro dommes, massage artists, sexual healers, surrogates, dakas and dakinis, tantrikas, and sex coaches. Others who have found the class helpful include talk therapists, sexuality and relationship coaches and experienced non-professionals who wish to deepen and clarify their own erotic path. Read more here: Places are limited - apply here:

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The Sea School of Embodiment sponsors international teachers in the fields of somatic sexology, sacred sexuality, sexological body work, Tantra and the expressive arts, making available top trainings and workshops for explorers to learn and heal all that's in the way of shame free naturalness and professionals enhancing their professional practices. Somatic can be defined as "of the body" and embodiment as "the body experienced from within".

The School is a collaboration between Kian de la Cour and Katie Sarra. Our Meetups are aimed at various levels of experience. We run workshops in tantra, sexological bodywork, creativity, anatomy and trainings in touch, as well as one to one and couples sex and relationship therapy and somatic coaching for bringing you closer into your relationship with your body and living the life you want.

We also present continuous professional development (CPD) events for professionals who are working in the field of sexuality.

Community: Our Meetups are intended to support the expansion of informed dialogue about conscious relating, especially in the Devon area and to support professionals engaged with somatic sex education nationally.

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