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Expedition 4: Caribbean Horizons (with Bill Newton, GM Berrow, Dustykatt)
Fuller description coming soon. To read about our cruise itinerary for this event, please go to! (It should take you to Carnival's website.) BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE POSTED BY JULY 4.

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    SeaBronies is a brony meetup group that holds all its major events on commercially available cruises. Not a 'pony cruise line', but rather 'a group cruise organizer', we have held three successful cruises (two featuring MLP staff VIPs, plus a third test cruise) and are presently planning for a fourth ( In addition to our main events (called "Expeditions"), we organize fun group travel activities with a nautical twist; for 2016, we organized a brony Disney trip ( featuring a one-day casino cruise (!

    We do NOT sell tickets to any cruise. Rather, we simply arrange group meetups (such as this one ( on existing cruises, and coordinate travel plans between members. The only mandatory fees we collect from attendees are $40/head dues for those attending our cruise Expeditions, which partially offsets the cost of group facilities (such as the large 'Community Cabin' we rent for group use, expenses for which are typically in the range of $2000-3000) and VIP appearance and travel fees (which cost a similar amount). We attempt to recoup some or all of the costs through merchandise sales ( and Patreon patrons (

    Our seasoned staff brings together a diverse array of talent, including the founder of BABSCon, the founder of BronyCon, high-level staff from NMND, a cruise expert who's logged over 50 separate cruises, a published journalist and photographer, a professor, a systems administrator and programmer, and several artists. All of us are here to ensure that those who cruise with us have a great time!

    You can chat with staff as well as past and current cruisers in our Discord ( room. Be sure to message in the #new_people channel to gain full access!

    If you cannot cruise with us, but want to help, please consider supporting our Patreon (, or perhaps just BUY SOME MERCH (!

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