Expedition 4: Caribbean Horizons (Bill Newton, GM Berrow, Dustykatt, FoalPapers)

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Departing from Miami on Sunday, December 8, *2019* (yes, NEXT year), SeaBronies Expedition 4 will take us to three ports of call across the Caribbean, in three different countries (a new SeaBronies record!): Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Cayman Islands; and finally a return to Cozumel, Mexico (which we previously visited on Expedition 2). It's like a Caribbean sampler platter!

Rounding off the itinerary are two days at sea, which past cruisers know are just as fun as port days, offering community gatherings and tons of fun aboard ship.

Full itinerary details are available at http://seabronies.com/e4cruise

Joining us will be a record FOUR guests of honor: Voice actor BILL NEWTON, author and episode writer G. M. BERROW, and beloved fandom figures DUSTYKATT and FOAL PAPERS!

Sound awesome? Of course it does! Fair warning: This is going to be our LAST cruise with VIPs, so if you want to cruise with the hashtag-horse-famous crowd, this is probably your last shot!

This time, we're sailing on Carnival's biggest and newest (as of today) ship, the Carnival Horizon! You can learn more about this incredible vessel at https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon.aspx. (This will be our third event with Carnival, and the largest vessel we've ever sailed on.)

The #1 question we get asked: "How much does it cost?" $576 per person to Carnival for the cruise itself, and $40 to us for dues. (To get this price, you'll need a roomie, but we can help you find one). And FOOD IS INCLUDED!

BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Go to http://seabronies.com/booking
HOTEL BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS ARE: Coming within a few weeks!

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