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Little Languages in Rogue
Presenter: Abe Pralle, creator of the Rogue programming language (Slides from a previous Rogue presentation can be found at Description: Abe Pralle will demonstrate the new ParseKit library written in Rogue, his high-level language that cross-compiles to C++. ParseKit is not a compiler-compiler, but is rather a runtime library that provides a parsing and AST framework that allows the rapid development of "little languages" in Rogue. Little languages can range from data formats like JSON to domain-specific, app-specific control languages to not-so-little general-purpose languages. Abe will also highlight other notable developments in Rogue since his last presentation in early 2017, including: - Full-fledged introspection (reflection) support - Modules AKA namespaces - Module Templates, AKA namespaces that accept template parameters (meta-templates) - Full multithreading support - Enums - Tuples - Method Templates - Preprocessor macros - 'use' block (similar to C# 'using') - New Python plug-in (different from the previous Cython plug-in) for compiling as a Python extension - Nascent Windows support (not just Cygwin) - A general-purpose programmatic build system called Rogo

Bellevue Place Bldg (sponsored by Smartsheet; 2nd floor conf room by Nova Eye Care, behind grand piano)

10500 NE 8th St. · Bellevue, WA

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A group for programmers interested in all kinds of different programming languages, regardless of platform, style, or "-oriented"ness: C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, Scala, Groovy, C#, F#, Clojure, Visual Basic, Python, Nemerle, Boo, Kotlin, MPS, Intentional, and maybe a few more that nobody's ever heard of. Not only will we explore different languages and what they can do for us, but also how to build languages, too, with maybe a few Esolangs (anybody want to build a Zombie compiler?) as fun side projects.

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