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The Ballerina Programming Language
Presenter: Ted Neward, Author and Conference Speaker on Java, JavaScript, C#, F#, Scala, and any other language he can get his hands on. Despite the frivolity implied by its name, Ballerina, like the dancers who bear the same name, is a graceful language with surprising elegance and strength inside a slender frame. Still (as of this writing) a self-described "work in progress", Ballerina is a language designed from the ground up for the world of Web 2.0, with built-in support for HTTP endpoints, JSON data types, and an input format--either textual or graphical--that makes it perfect for building platform clients and implementations. In this session, we will go over the Ballerina language and environment, and explore what a language "built for the Web" looks like. Ballerina home page: Ballerina spec: Ted's websites: and

Bellevue Place Bldg (sponsored by Smartsheet; 2nd floor conf room by Nova Eye Care, behind grand piano)

10500 NE 8th St. · Bellevue, WA

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A group for developers interested in gaining insights from multiple programming languages, whether they're functional or object-oriented, strongly typed or dynamically typed. Comparing features between different languages can shed light on which patterns should be copied from one language to another. Similarly, exploring the design or implementation or new features of a language can improve understanding more than merely carrying out daily programming tasks. Presentations have included, Dart, Elm, Go, Haskell, Idris, Kotlin, LLVM, VHDL, and many lesser-known ones---and even some home-grown ones that few have ever heard of.

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