The Julia Programming Language

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Smartsheet: Olympus conf room, 20th floor

10500 NE 8th St., 20th floor (Same bldg as Hyatt Regency) · Bellevue, WA

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Note: This is not our usual time or meeting room. The elevators that go to Smartsheet (on the 20th floor) are in the south wing of the building.

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Speaker: Elliot Saba, Sr. Research Engineer at Julia Computing

Description: The Julia language defies the typical tradeoff of high performance against high-level features. Providing the best of both worlds through intelligent language design and modern compiler technology, Julia forms the foundation for a thriving ecosystem of packages for machine learning, data science, parallel/heterogenous computing, data visualization, scientific analysis and more. Elliot will give an overview of the Julia language and explain how it is able to give both a pleasant and productive programming experience while still achieving speeds competitive with best-in-class languages such as C/C++/Fortran.