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Are you someone who prefers the company of gay dudes or girls, and/or are you a person who loves them?

Do you feel like you're not part of a motorcycle group because you ride something other than a Harley? NO SHADE, Harley riders. I aspire to get there. I love Harleys and the people who ride them. Harley riders welcome and needed!

Here's the thing:
I bought a motorcycle
It was cheap-ish
It's not a Harley
It's fun
I ride around by myself

I don't go on the freeway much because I'd rather a backroad, and it's loud.

I don't know where to go, how to change my oil, where to get a cup holder, and what I should see and do on the Seacoast of New Hampshire/Maine/Massachusetts - Seacoast area and beyond.

Side story: I stumbled upon a "ride" at the Harley shop in Hampton one weekend and thought, "Yeah, no. That's not gonna happen for me. They are all too knowledgable about how this all works. And those look like VERY expensive motorcycles." I didn't know what to do. And leather vests are a thing - I don't get it yet... But the cookout smelled wonderful and the friendships were demonstrative and evident!

If you're new, or have a soft spot for those of us who are just getting started, maybe we should make a group and figure all this out.

Should a bunch of NEW riders get together and try to figure this out on our own? Probably not.

But I imagine a group with experienced riders joining, willing to be supportive, with the addition of new riders who are willing to listen to someone who can make us better riders.. that could be cool. And if we're all gay men and women, OR GAY ALLIES, then think of the knowledge that we can share. AND think of the accessories and the laughs we'll have!!

I've never done a group before, and I'm horrible with follow-though, so be patient and please be nice.

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