• 2018 Planning Session

    New Raka Office

    We'll be doing some big-picture planning for 2018, so bring any and all ideas that you have. Please note that Raka's office has moved. We're in the third floor of the SIS Bank Building, which is next to the Dunkin' Donuts on Islington Street.

  • Accessibility in Digital Strategy: Making the Inclusive Approach a Priority

    Thinking about Accessibility needs to go beyond the code. In this presentation you will learn about who is impacted by accessibility and inclusive design and why it is important. You will dive into practical implementation tips, including when you can introduce it into a project’s life cycle and how to incorporate it into strategic deliverables.

  • The Path to Contrib: Getting Your Module on Drupal.org

    We all use open source Drupal modules from drupal.org - but how do they get there? Have you ever wanted to create your very own Drupal module and publish it for the world to see? In this presentation, veteran Drupal developer Drew Trafton will walk through the process on sharing your great module ideas with the community. While this presentation will feature some code-level discussion, it's primary purpose is to provide a overview of the module submission process. Primary topics of discussion include: • Does the community need another module? • Drupal coding standards • Community Review Process • Sandbox Projects • Versioning • Tips and Tricks Hope to see you there!

  • Native Development Tools

    Alpha Loft

    This month, we'll be joining the NH Full Stack Meetup to learn about Native Developer Tools. The full details are here: https://www.meetup.com/fullstacknh/events/237588334/ Please RSVP to the Full Stack Meetup and not this one.

  • Notes From a D8 Headless Site Project

    Raka Creative

    Notes From a D8 Headless Site Project Have you tried building a "headless (https://www.ostraining.com/blog/drupal/what-is-headless-drupal/)" site with Drupal 8 yet? We will review the general idea of "headless" sites and share some of the challenges and solutions that we've encountered, as well as asking for examples, ideas and questions from the group. Please note that we'll be meeting on Wednesday evening.

  • (Re)Intro to Drupal 8

    Raka Creative

    (Re)Intro to Drupal 8 Please join us at our new venue, Raka (http://www.rakacreative.com/)! We'll begin the evening with a potluck dinner and beverage exchange. So that we don't end up with five green bean casseroles, please add your dish to the via the link provide when you RSVP to the Meetup. For the beverage exchange, just bring a six pack (soft drinks welcome) or bottle of wine. After eating, drinking, and networking we'll spend the rest of the evening learning about Drupal 8. First, we'll have a session that will provide a general intro to D8. D8 has been out for one year, but version 8.2.2 was just released in early November so there's still a lot to learn. Second, we'll divide into two groups (developers and users) so we can have more focused learning. The developers will dive into the code and learn more about building custom themes. Meanwhile, users will learn more about D8's content-authoring experience and site-building. Whether or not Drupal is brand new to you we hope you can attend!

  • Carpool to Drupal Nights: AMP up your Drupal Site

    Portsmouth Park and Ride

    Save some gas and join our carpool to support Seacoast DUG member JP McNeal! JP will be presenting at Drupal Nights, which is a wonderful series of free presentations. The session will be on Thursday, October 20th from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm at PLUG Cambridge (http://plugcambridge.com/). If meeting in Portsmouth is not convenient for you, please suggest other locations by commenting below. Please note: RSVPing for this Meetup does not count as registering for the event. For more information about the event, please visit Drupal Night's website (http://drupalnights.org/events/2016/jp-mcneal-amp-your-drupal-site). I will post a direct link to RSVP when it is available.

  • Choose Your Own (Web) Adventure

    Portsmouth Public Library

    Which web development path is right for you? Are you a web or app developer or considering becoming one? Portsmouth's Drupal and WordPress Meetup groups are bringing together web developers who have worked for themselves freelance, as contractors, for agencies, and worker cooperatives to compare and contrast their experiences with questions from the audience. This will be a panel-style event. So far, here are the confirmed panelists: Kevin Baringer: Bringing over 20 years of software engineering experience to the table, Kevin specializes in Drupal and WordPress. Kevin is a currently a freelance web developer, running his own one-person shop called KBear Creation (http://kbearcreation.com/). Before starting his own business he spent time in the trenches working for organizations including IBM, Stonyfield Farm, and the University of New Hampshire. Christina Dulude: As Technical Account Manager at Acquia (https://www.acquia.com), Christina advises client accounts and manages their technical relationships. Prior to her experience at Acquia, Christina worked in higher education at Duke and Dartmouth. Amanda Giles: As self-described WordPress Evangelist, Amanda is an independent IT Consultant who lives in Seacoast NH. She has been a programmer for most of her life. In 1994, she created her first web site in her spare time at college and then went on to create many for friends and corporate overlords. In 2006, she took the leap to being her own boss and has never regretted it. Recently, she helped form Spark Development (https://spark-development.com/), which is a web development agency. Ben Melançon: Ben lives and works to connect people, ideas, and resources so more awesome things happen. A web developer well-established with Drupal and PHP, he has also been enjoying programming projects with Django and Python. His work with Agaric (http://agaric.com/), which is a a web development collective, has included universities (MIT and Harvard University), corporations (Backupify and GenArts), and not-for-profit organizations (Partners In Health and National Institute for Children's Health Quality). After ten years in the internet technology, it's becoming clear his specialty is not specializing. Chris Wells: Chris has a Master's in Technology Education from Appalachian State University, and a Computer Science degree from Providence College. He has been developing exclusively using Drupal since version 4.7, and continues to love running his own business, Redfin Solutions (http://redfinsolutions.com/), every day.

  • Seacoast DUG Monthly Meetup: Drupal Commerce 2.0 for D8

    Drupal Commerce 2.0 for D8: Checking-In on Checkout Drupal Commerce 2.0 is a significant rebuild of the Drupal Commerce platform that will leverage the many improvements offered by Drupal 8. At this time, Drupal Commerce 2.0 is still in Alpha, but we will take a look at the features and changes that have been made or announced so far and get an idea of what building a store with Drupal Commerce 2.0 will eventually look like. This presentation is targeted at site-builders with zero to moderate experience with Drupal Commerce, but all levels of experience are encouraged to attend and share their wisdom.

  • Seacoast DUG Monthly Meetup: Solution Center

    Come with any Drupal-related questions, issues or challenges you are facing and we will work together as a group to solve it.