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Hello, Group

Isn't it fun to share and talk over a meal? and what a better place to do this.. SURF Sushi HALF Priced ROLLS.... in Portsmouth Near The Riverhouse, and Tugboats.

This will be a time to just share life. It is also a chance to share with like minded people who understand the LOA principals and use them daily. I find it very helpful to have people with similar philosophes around, it enables me to bounce things off and hear the different perspectives. I hope you can come and join in, become part of the "FLOW in ACTION" share a story, hear a story, become part of the diner..

I hear recently something I thought was amazing..

"We can not get to our dreams, we must come from them" Mary Morrissey. This statement is one that can change things.. It is changing things for me, and I am often looking deeper at this meaning..

This is a Sushi place, but one of the best, they use mostly organic items and all very fresh. So if you concerned about quality this is Top notch. They also have salads, check the menu below for details..

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