Pee Local: Sustainable Agriculture Through Nutrient Reclamation

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Want to help save the Great Bay with sustainable wastewater management? Want our farms to thrive and save money? Want to safely capture a resource you are wasting? Then come learn how to Pee Local! You can be part of a local movement to capture a major source of water pollution and use it to improve soil health and sustainably boost crop production. PEE LOCAL is a NH based urine diversion and nutrient reclamation program implementing practical and sustainable wastewater management solutions to help address the Great Bay’s nutrient issues, conserve drinking water, and support local agriculture. The Great Bay Estuary is the receiving water body of excess nitrogen from 18 wastewater treatment plants and an estimated 50,000 septic systems, with 80% of this nitrogen from human urine. Urine is an excellent source of fertilizer, and sustainable initiatives such as that of the Rich Earth Institute in Brattleboro, VT are demonstrating the economic viability of “peecycling” programs (see The Rich Earth Institute currently has over 100 community members participating in a voluntary peecycling program and their urine is fertilizing hay fields at 4 local farms near Brattelboro. Similar practices are becoming common place in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and many developing countries, and Seacoast NH is on its way to being added to the list.

Inspired by Rich Earth Institute, PEE LOCAL donors are using simple collection devices and 55 gallon containers in coordination with a urine pick-up program that supplied 750 gallons of urine to a local farm last year. Dave Cedarholm will bring examples of portable urinals for both men and women, and a few PEE LOCAL donors will also be present to talk about their experiences. COST: Free and open to the public, although donations to Seacoast Permaculture are always welcome. OUR SPEAKER: Dave Cedarholm is a Professional Engineer with the consulting firm Tighe & Bond in Portsmouth, NH focusing on water and wastewater systems, watershed and stormwater management, site design, and environmental compliance. Dave has lived in NH for 30 years and practices sustainable wastewater management with his family in Lee. He is on the Board of Directors of the Rich Earth Institute of Brattleboro, VT (, which is the first organization in the US permitted to apply human urine for agricultural fertilizer. Dave is actively working toward expanding Rich Earth’s nutrient reclamation efforts in NH, and recently established PEE LOCAL that provided 750 gallons of liquid fertilizer to a local a farmer last year.