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Jenny named her session Rock Google Analytics Like a Pro for a reason. She’s taking that title as a personal challenge, and getting ready to show y’all how to make awesomeness burst from your Analytics dashboard just like what happens when you hit a match on the Candy Crush board. Yes, Jenny has an unhealthy obsession with Candy Crush, and she’s planning to leave you with the same kind of fascination for the eye-opening world of analytics.

With Jenny at the helm, we’ll take a fascinating journey through custom reporting and segmentation, learn about bot filtering, and defining your own channels. Thinking you have no idea what that means? Well let us help you out with that.

What’s this about defining channels?

Channel groupings allow you to see and analyze your site data in specific ways. The default channel groupings in Google Analytics are designed to meet the needs of the average user. But we know y’all are anything but average. It’s a sure bet you want to be going deeper, understanding more, and using your data to generate higher returns for you and your clients. This is where custom channel groupings become important. And where you need to understand exactly what you’re doing. These channel things are cool, but dive in without an instructor on this one, and you could find you’ve paddled yourself past the point of no return. The choices you make in set up will determine whether you are changing how reports display the data in your channels, or actually changing the raw data for new sessions, by altering how incoming traffic is labeled. That’s a big difference y’all.

Build your own dashboard!

Perhaps even cooler than custom channel groupings – Jenny will show you how to build your own custom dashboards in Google Analytics, and just as importantly, why you might want to. You’ll learn what dashboards actually are (Hint: the answer might surprise you). You’ll walk away understanding how to customize the default, or build your own from scratch. It’s all about seeing the data that’s most important to you, in the ways you need to see it.

Honestly, we know y’all are going to be blown away by the data you have at your fingertips, but probably aren’t even seeing.

If you’re still getting your head around the latest interface updates in your Google Analytics account, you’ll surely know where all the important stuff is lurking once Jenny is done, but if you have specific questions, grab your chance to talk with her in person after the presentation.

We’re excited to have Jenny coming all the way from North Carolina as we launch our first monthly meetup for 2017.

A Little More About Our Speaker...

Jenny Halasz is the founder of JLH Marketing, Inc., a consultancy that specializes in search strategy, with an emphasis on intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. With over 15 years of experience in search, Jenny is knowledgeable in all areas of online marketing. She's worked with dozens of blue chip clients as well as plenty of small enterprises and startups.

With experience in SEO and PPC, social marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, and analytics, Jenny's time in both in an agency environment and as an in-house marketer ensure that she understands the big picture of any client's marketing needs. She develops cohesive strategies based on data points and client priorities across all aspects of a client’s business.

Some of the clients Jenny has worked with include: SAP, Four Seasons Resorts, Humana, Priceline, Motorola, Saint Laurent Paris (YSL), Wharton School of Business, CitiFinancial, HP, NBC Stores, and Lions Gate Films.

Jenny writes a column (All Things SEO) for Search Engine Land, and is a contributing author for "SEO Like I'm 5: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization". She is a search marketing instructor for ASPE, and has spoken at SMX, SES, Pubcon, Conversion Conference, Internet Summit, AMA and other conferences. Jenny graduated cum laude from NC State University. She still lives in Raleigh, NC, but likes to travel whenever possible. Follow Jenny on Twitter @jennyhalasz (https://twitter.com/jennyhalasz?lang=en).