SearchNorwich 2: Content with more 'crunch' & Blackhat SEO

Public group

First Floor Event Space

St George's Works 51 Colegate · Norwich

How to find us

Take a step in and go through the doors directly ahead of you and up the first stairs, turn left and you’ll see a sign for “First Floor” – you’re almost there! Go through the first door on your right and you’ll walk into the 1st Floor Event Space.

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A free event dedicated to search marketing!
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What's this one all about?
SearchNorwich 2 will be introducing East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) in the charity spotlight, welcoming Elodie Partridge from Selesti talking about how to properly group content for SEO and making a 1,000 mile round trip, Craig Campbell will be joining us to demonstrate how you can beat Google at their own game with blackhat SEO. Think you know your SEO onions? This is the event for you.

SearchNorwich is a free meetup for anyone interested in search marketing, whether you’re brand new to search marketing or a seasoned agency/in-house practitioner, you’ll find something at one of our accessible, expert “share not sell” talks and inclusive networking

The focus of our events is to:
1) Learn more about search marketing and all it entails
2) Meet new people and fostering cooperation
3) Share practical and actionable advice so we can stay one step ahead

Event Schedule:
Time: 18:15-18:45
Meet new people
Grab a name badge and a drink, wear a smile and you’ll meet some lovely people who want to talk to you about search (and probably other stuff, too!).

Charity spotlight: EACH

Speaker: Elodie Partridge - Making your content 'crunch'! Discover free tools and get actionable tips on how to best structure your site and content to rank in 2018.

Speaker: Craig Campbell - Blackhat SEO & PBNs - Find out how blackhat SEOs are still dominating Google in 2018.

Networking and chats
Refill your glasses, share your thoughts on what you’ve just learned and meet some new people! Drinks and snacks are kindly provided by our September 2018 sponsors, R13 recruitment, MP Videography & Photography and Barclays Eagle Labs.