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Hello and Welcome to “SEASONS”!
We are a Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Community sharing the journey and experience of entering the world of homeschooling with other homeschooling families. SEASONS embraces the choice to create and be active participants in our very own learning and social spaces. The group is also designed to giving parents the option for much-needed 'down time'.

WHO is this right for?
Homeschoolers! This is not a play-group. If your family is (a) looking to share your homeschooling experience with other like-minded families, (b) open to “hosting” at your home, (c) willing and able to hold the attention of a small group of children, and (d) have a SAFE, CLEAN, and ORGANIZED space for preschoolers, than this is the group for you!


WHAT does the group do?
It functions like a co-op--where children have the opportunity to meet each week to learn new things and make new friends. Every family agrees to host a learning day at their home each week. Each week the location of the co-op rotates to the next scheduled family. As more members are added, the responsibility of hosting becomes less frequent.

WHEN will we meet?
That’s up to everyone. Ideally the group will meet 1-2 times each week for 1.5-2 hours.

WHERE will we meet?
At each other’s homes. Families who already have a SAFE, CLEAN, and ORGANIZED space in or outside their home are encouraged to request to join. A playroom, backyard, or other functional space can work as long as it effectively accommodates our small group of children and adults. There should also be a designated room/space for parents to work or enjoy free time (if they choose) while their child(ren) are occupied.

HOW does it work?
Each of our homes will serve as a learn-work-play space for our children for the purposes of playing, learning, and socializing. After a careful selection process, new families are invited into the group and are added into the rotating schedule of participating families. Hosting consists of having a fun lesson or activity prepared (see curriculum notes below). During this time you would teach and entertain our group of children for the first half of the meet-up, and then responsibly supervise play for the remainder of the time. All parents must remain on-site and available to help if needed (see agreement below).

Each family chooses a subject or activity that they would like to teach the children. Ideally, this would be something that you are good at and can comfortably teach to a group of little people! We hope that everyone has something unique to contribute. Consider an organized sport that teaches teamwork, music, technology, geography, foreign language, gardening, science, math, dance, public speaking, how to make beats...anything! As long as it is fun and age-appropriate, most families should be in agreement.

* We collectively agree on the max number of children and families.
* We collectively decide if/when a family is not a good fit for the group. **As a community of families with young children, we reserve the right to be selective and in agreement about membership.
* If ever behavior is considered disrespectful or offensive, that family will be asked to leave the group.
* Younger and older siblings are welcome, but are to remain with their parent(s) at all times.
* Feel free to use the time however you like, as long at it is in accordance with the host/homeowner’s rules (please provide to members in advance). Interaction with your children while learning is encouraged, but not required.
* Parents must remain on-site—agreeing to be inside or outside the home in order to be available to their child(ren) when needed (i.e to use the bathroom).
* No video or recordings of any kind unless agreed upon for a purpose.
* Everyone contributes to clean up.
* Give proper notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled day and/or if you would like to leave the group.

*Please note, this group is, and will remain, a work-in-progress. Please message me with any questions or suggestions!

Happy Homeschooling!

"The most important thing to know about home schooling is that it is educational freedom at work. And freedom produces better results than coercion. This country has gone so far down the road to socialism that most people have no idea what educational freedom means. What it means is freeing your family from the shackles of government education, and educating your children in conformity with your family's religious and moral values."
--Samuel L. Blumenfeld, The New American, Vol. 16, No. 22, October 23, 2000

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