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What we’re about

Seattle AWS User Group Architects and Engineers. 

Our goal is an interactive group where people using Amazon Web services learn from each other, share stories, and information. 

About our events:

• We strive to offer Intermediate to advanced re:Invent style presentations.

• Educational topics only, no sales and marketing, and hopefully something our members can take away and use in their own AWS environment.

• Generally our evening events include food drinks and networking for the first thirty minutes followed by two presentations. Our trivia nights are more free-form and lots of fun! We also hold some workshops and training.

• Speakers have included AWS employees, consultants, vendors, and end users.

You may be interested in this group if you are: * troubleshooting AWS problems * using AWS for distributed, fault tolerant applications * designing system architecture * studying for certification * working on integrating AWS into your corporate environment * interested in cloud security and cost issues * running a start up using AWS technologies * interested in meeting other people who use AWS * Seeking an AWS job

This group is made possible by our sponsors and contributors. Use the link below if you wish to contribute.